Washington, United States Food Guide: 4 Mexican food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Covington

July 16, 2020 Veronika Gaddis

Discover Restaurants offering the best Mexican food in Covington, Washington, United States. Covington is a city in King County, Washington, United States. The population was 17,575 at the time of the 2010 census. Prior to the 2010 census, Covington was counted as part of Covington-Sawyer-Wilderness CDP.
Things to do in Covington

1. Taco Time

17211 SE 272nd St, Covington, WA 98042-4965 Mexican Lunch, Dinner +1 253-630-1249 http://www.tacotime.com

Reviewed By TravelerFrog

We've been enjoying the take-out food from Taco Time for a number of years. This is the antithesis of Taco Hell -- this is GOOD food. For instance, the chicken soft taco is huge, and comes with chicken breast meat, cheese, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and your choice of a light ranch or any of their tasty salsas. The kid's meals are very nice, with your choice of a variety of entrees, a beverage (including milk or chocolate milk), a small order of their delicious Mexi-Fries, and a toy or dessert. All come packaged in a cute bag with activities for children.We're big fans of the taco meat, which is never greasy or lumpy, but always seems fresh and delicious. And speaking of fresh! I've never had anything but crisp, fresh, delicious vegetables. The lettuce is cut on-site and is fresh every day. The tomatoes are good. The salsa delicious, and there are 3 or 4 choices. And during the season, try their corn chowder!The restaurants are clean and the seating is good. And the Covington restaurant always hires good, cheerful people who make going there a pleasure.

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2. Los Cabos Family Mexican Restaurant

16751 SE 272nd St, Covington, WA 98042-4942 Mexican Dinner Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 253-638-0189 http://loscaboscovington.cuppage.website
Overall Ratings

3 based on 11 reviews

Reviewed By Mapamagician

Stopped in for lunch recently. I used to be regular when I lived closer. I'd forgotten how much more flavorful the food is than most Mexican places in the vicinity. Service remains fast and efficient. My only quibble is that lunch portions are relatively small for the cost but I have a big appetite.

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3. Puerto Vallarta

215 15th St SE, Covington, WA 98372-3412 Mexican Lunch, Dinner Seating, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +1 253-848-8550 http://www.puertovallartapuyallup.com/
Overall Ratings

3 based on 18 reviews

Puerto Vallarta

Reviewed By cycletherapist

Being from Arizona I had to have Mexican food so my daughter took us to Puerto Vallarta. Food was good but the service not so good. The waiter who seated us was really on the ball but the guy who brought us menus disappeared for quit a while and.....there were very few people in the place. Not sure why it took us to long to order and to get our meal.

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4. El Ranchito

26220 116th Ave SE Suite 106, Kent, WA 98030-8663 Mexican +1 253-854-2699 http://www.chicagoelranchito.com/
El Ranchito

Reviewed By goamazon

Wow, what a pleasant and truly unexpected surprise! My wife and I were headed for another restaurant in the neighborhood, it turned out to be closed for the day. Hungry, we saw the Taqueria and both said, sure, why not, get a couple of tacos at least. How bad could it be? Oh boy, when will I ever learn not to prejudge, After all, most of my favorite restaurants are hole in the wall places just like this one. Ok lesson relearned, the menu's items all have pictures, for those who can't read Spanish, wow, now I am starting to think we might have stumbled on a truly authentic Mexican family restaurant with real down home cooking. Look around, we are the foreigners here, another good sign. The menu looks great, some of my all time favorites, so we won't be ordering tacos today. Wow, Menudo, Barbacoa, Pesole, carnitas, mmmmmSo we both ordered the carnitas platter, about $12.00 or so, ok not super cheap but reasonable if it's good. Rethinking this now, I wished we had ordered two different dishes and shared, because the carnitas truly blew my mind, they were that good. And now I wished we had been able to try more variety. Unfortunately their location is about a 45 minute drive for us to get here, so we can't come back as soon as we might like, but back we will be! Many many more times I hope, what a find. The next closest place as good as this is " Salsita Antojitos Mexicanos , by the fair grounds in Yakima! Don't forget, the side bar with all the traditional condiments and hot sauces to go along with your meal. Mmmmmm,Smiling faces

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