Victoria, Australia Food Guide: 8 Cafe food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Melton

February 18, 2020 Trinity Boughner

Discover Restaurants offering the best Cafe food in Melton, Victoria, Australia including Oh My Greens, Red Beetle Cafe, Eating Station, la headquarters cafe, Chef Uno, Billy's Paddock, Al's Deluxe Bakery, The Jolly Miller Cafe
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8. The Jolly Miller Cafe

Cs Square 29-35 Lake Street Shop L01 068/69, CS Square, Caroline Springs, Melton, Victoria 3023 Australia Cafe, Australian +61 3 7019 5519

Cafe serving high quality breakfast, brunch and lunch options with barista standard coffee.

Reviewed By Lydia H

This cafe recently opened as part of an extension to the Caroline Springs Shopping Centre which includes a fantastic new Woolworths store. So hubby and I thought we would have lunch here after we had done the week's shop.My husband ordered eggs & bacon from the Breakfast Menu and I ordered the Lamb Tacos. Our hot drinks arrived promptly, but no sign of our food. Sitting patiently waiting, we had a waiter inform us after a while that our food was on its way. Anyway, probably waiting at least half an hour our food finally arrived, albeit lukewarm!My lamb tacos were tasty, but just not hot enough, and certainly not worth $20.90. The pulled lamb and filling was just placed on top of individual small pita bread, rather than inside taco shells.Hubby seemed to enjoy his breakfast, though also complained that his meal was also not hot.I'm hoping that given it was a busy Saturday and that this cafe has just opened that what we experienced was only teething problems. I won't be returning for a while, maybe in a couple of months, I'll try it again to see if things have improved.

7. Al's Deluxe Bakery

3 Exford Road, Melton South, Melton, Victoria 3338 Australia Cafe +61 3 8732 7646
Al's Deluxe Bakery

Reviewed By ianb111

Our friends had arrived on the train, so they were after somewhere close-by to have a feed. This cafe seemed to be about right, as it was only a short walk from the railway station. Not knowing what to order, we decided upon a family size pizza between us. We were lucky, as we were a little bit early for the wood-fired oven, but the staff had only just started the oven. Our pizza hit the spot, as we were all a little bit peckish. We would return if we found ourselves in the same situation again

6. Billy's Paddock

Cs Square 29-35 Lake St Shop L01 001, Caroline Springs Square Shopping Centre, Caroline Springs, Melton, Victoria 3023 Australia Cafe, Australian Breakfast, Brunch Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Reservations, Table Service +61 3 9449 5222
Overall Ratings

3 based on 36 reviews

Billy's Paddock

Reviewed By 613Sonia60

We had a negative experience a while back when ordering cake and coffee. We were charged separately for two coffees and a piece of cake. There was a special deal where you bought coffee and cake for about $3.00 less, but a customer service person overcharged us and also argued with us that we had to SPECIFY that we wanted cake and coffee separately, but this was never offered to us in the first instance. Again recently we ordered eggs on toast, but we received the equivalent of hard boiled egg, where the centre was solid and not runny. The young male manager, who was very polite,helpful and apologetic returned the plate to the kitchen, where one of the chefs shook her head and wasn't happy. Sadly, customers can see what is happening in the kitchen. They did cook the eggs again, but they were not much better and still fried on both sides, even though I asked for 'sunny side up' and not overcooked. This is a simple dish that can be cooked correctly by a five year old child!! One of the other young female waitresses was also polite and apologised for the negative dining experience and did offer a complimentary coffee, which I declined. We then proceeded to pay and spoke to a mature-aged woman and explained the situation. Sadly, she did not seem concerned and provided us with a ungenuine apology. Our walking group of five will not be coming to dine here in the future and sadly I cannot recommend the restaurant.

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5. Chef Uno

354 High St, Melton, Victoria 3337 Australia Italian, Cafe, Australian Reservations [email protected] +61 3 9916 1777
Chef Uno

Reviewed By naroomadolphin

This is our second time to eat at Chef Uno and again we weren't disappointed. This time we were in a group of 5 celebrating my husband's 50th birthday. My husband ordered the Black Angus Steak and said it was one of the best steaks he has tasted. This is coming from someone who would eat steak everynight. My mum also ordered steak but it was the porterhouse. Now mum is very fussy with her steaks and it has to be cooked very well done. In her words dead. When at the end of the meal her plate is clean (which i have never seen before when ordereing steak) i know it's a great steak. I ordered the chicken burger and our 2 sons ordered nuggets & chips & kids steak & chips. Everyone enjoyed their meals. It wasn't busy for a Saturday night. I hope the locals & surrounding patrons support this Restaurant. They really deserve a chance to survive this tough market. So if your in the area and wanting a good feed, try Chef Uno. We will definitely be back for a third time.

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4. la headquarters cafe

High Street, Melton, Victoria 3337 Australia Cafe, Australian Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner Seating, Highchairs Available, Reservations, Table Service +61 3 9747 6188
Overall Ratings

4 based on 37 reviews

la headquarters cafe

Reviewed By sirr0n

Visited with family during week excellent service made feel most welcome by staff,all had Calamari meal which is of excellent quality and size followed by their house coffee.Could not believe the prices they are excellent and could recommend the café to all.

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3. Eating Station

Shop 3/4 269 Robinsons Rd, Ravenhall, Melton, Victoria 3023 Australia Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch Seating, Table Service, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible +61 3 8390 2655
Overall Ratings

4 based on 21 reviews

Eating Station

Reviewed By Adam F

We were working on the prison's up the road and use the Eating Station for coffee and lunch. The coffee was always very good and the food very delicious, especially their vege burgers, which they also use in the vege breakfast, you don't miss the meat it is so full of favor.Since then i have visited for breakfast and boy oh boy do they do a good breakfast. Which must be right as they are normally very busy, but the amount of people does not effect the serve or quality of food.

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2. Red Beetle Cafe

13-15 St Vincent Way, Caroline Springs, Melton, Victoria 3023 Australia Cafe, Australian Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch Takeout, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service, Reservations [email protected]
Overall Ratings

4 based on 73 reviews

Red Beetle Cafe

Reviewed By ChristineB55Geelong

We purchased a selection of sandwiches from their catering online choices, for a quick bite before a wedding. They were delicious & popular & were ready on time. Staff were helpful as I was ordering over the phone from another city. It’s a busy cafe & I look forward to eating in house one day.

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1. Oh My Greens

3 Staughton St, Melton South, Melton, Victoria 3338 Australia Asian, Cafe Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Breakfast Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible [email protected] +61 3 8088 3019
Oh My Greens

Reviewed By Michaelsmitha

My wife and I were looking for a healthier take away dinner option and they did not disappoint. We had chic temptation burger, potato salad and cheeky rice. I would’ve never thought I would like 3 out of 3 vegan meals

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