Top 9 Seafood food in Hoki-cho, Tottori Prefecture, Japan

November 25, 2020 Major Galusha

Discover Restaurants offering the best Seafood food in Hoki-cho, Tottori Prefecture, Japan including Tamura, Kojitsutei, Sushi Minato Fukuichi, Root Sidetakenokomura, Iwatazushi, Yamayoshitei, Kaiten Sushi Hokkaido Kaike, Washoku Izakaya Shunmon Yonago Main Store, Sushi Yoshiki
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9. Sushi Yoshiki

4-12-15 Dosho-Machi, Yonago Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 859-21-5728
Sushi Yoshiki

Reviewed By Mamaly37


8. Washoku Izakaya Shunmon Yonago Main Store

154-1 Meijicho Ekimae Parking Bldg. 1F, Yonago 683-0053 Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood Lunch, Dinner Seating +81 859-21-7088
Overall Ratings

3 based on 78 reviews

Washoku Izakaya Shunmon Yonago Main Store

Reviewed By ST0214

I went there with my co-worker after work. He've never came to San-in area, so he was looking forward to going to the restaurant in Tottori Prefecture. I heard that Syunmon is one of the most famous seafood restaurant in Yonago city, so we went there. It served good seafood and they were very cheap, but its staffs made us wait for a very, very long time despite there were a lot of vacant seats. He said that he was tired of waiting again and again.

7. Kaiten Sushi Hokkaido Kaike

1-1 Kaikeshinden, Yonago 683-0002 Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Sushi, Seafood Lunch, Dinner Takeout +81 859-33-5511
Overall Ratings

4 based on 66 reviews

Kaiten Sushi Hokkaido Kaike

Reviewed By chongbrood

Came across this by chance. Its a standalone conveyor belt sushi joint by the side of a busy road. We speak no Japanese but the service staff is excellent and can cope with simple English-Japanese eg "2 maguro!" The fish was fresh and good value. Overall, a great dinner in an unexpected place. Price-quality value is high. Well worth a visit but you need a car to get there.

6. Yamayoshitei

1026-1 Hiezu Inside Aeon Mall Hiezu Parking, Hiezu-son, Saihaku-gun 689-3553 Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood Lunch +81 859-37-1011
Overall Ratings

4 based on 26 reviews


Reviewed By MrsTsih

We're touring the Kansai area for a few days, and originally were going to dine at a famed eel restaurant in Tottori city. With a delayed schedule and a craving for seafood, we decided to follow TripAdvisor's ratings and visited Yamanoshi instead.Which turned out to be a great find. Situated inside a fresh food market, Yamanoshi offers a simple but fresh menu of seafood. It's possible that local Japanese can make a better find, but for visitors like us this was the freshest (and therefore so tasty) and great value stop.The choicest "Kaizen don", with at least 10 types of fish/ shell fish/ roe, is on offer for less than 1500 yen and the Crab don also looks appetising .

5. Iwatazushi

372-3 Yamato, Nanbu-cho, Saihaku-gun 683-0323 Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 859-66-5106

Reviewed By mikuma2017


4. Root Sidetakenokomura

161-1 Neu, Hino-cho, Hino-gun Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 859-72-1119

Reviewed By Yamashiii


3. Sushi Minato Fukuichi

861 Fukuichi, Yonago Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 859-26-3574
Sushi Minato Fukuichi

Reviewed By Mamaly37


2. Kojitsutei

162-4 Mizokuchi, Hoki-cho, Saihaku-gun Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 859-63-0678

Reviewed By m-a-2020


1. Tamura

1800-25 Maruyama Oyama Garden Place, Hoki-cho, Saihaku-gun 689-4108 Tottori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 859-39-8585

Reviewed By tyapatsuD


Tottori Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 10 Japanese food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Hoki-cho

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