Top 8 Pizza food in Saltsjobaden, Stockholm County, Sweden

September 2, 2019 Cedrick Jardin

Find out what Pizza restaurants to try in Saltsjobaden including Restaurang Saltsjo Pir, 450 Gradi, Tyreso kok och bar, Ektorps Pizzeria, Restaurang Lilla Itailen HB, Pizzeria Kaktusen, Omnipollos Hatt, Restaurang Herrgar"n
Things to do in Saltsjobaden

8. Restaurang Herrgar"n

Bjorknas Torg 21, Saltsjo-Boo 132 41 Sweden Pizza [email protected] +46 8 715 26 20

Reviewed By Zappfood

I got a hair in my food, changed it and another one is the second one. The food was blend and not tasty, no one of us liked it.

7. Omnipollos Hatt

Hokens Gata 3, Stockholm 116 46 Sweden Bar, Pizza, European, Pub Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards +46 70 148 78 54
Overall Ratings

4 based on 337 reviews

Omnipollos Hatt

Reviewed By Kevin B

I was looking around for beer places around Stockholm and found this place. Every beer I tried was great, and the chorizo pepper pizza I got really hit the spot.

6. Pizzeria Kaktusen

10 Vintervaegen, Tyreso 135 40 Sweden Pizza Lunch, Dinner +46 8 798 20 77
Pizzeria Kaktusen

Reviewed By J1Walkabout

This is a friendly, cheap and cheerful pizza restaurant in the industrial estate in Tyresö. Not the sort of place to sit and eat a posh dinner (they can seat about 30, I think) - but for families with children who can't sit still and might splash, spill and drop things, and need to practise eating out it's fine. They're open for lunch and stay open till about 21.00. We only use it for take aways, though - ring in our order and pick it up 10 minutes later - so avoiding the sports channel on their TV! The pizzas for 59-75 kr are great; the salads in plastic tubs for 69 kr are OK (could definitely be better, - the prawns taste of nothing - as though they've been rinsed in water - and I've never understood why grated cheese is added to any and every salad...) but they come with frankly DELICIOUS freshly baked individual pita bread from Pizza dough!) They also have kebab wraps and kebab pizzas, a selection of spicy chile-flavoured pizzas (Acapulco, Azteca, Inka etc) mozzarella pizzas (try the frutti di mare with big mussels in the shell!) American pan pizzas for 1 - 5 people and a few pasta dishes. No alcohol served, but they do have soft drinks. The staff are quick and friendly, and give the impression that nothing ever flusters them!

5. Restaurang Lilla Itailen HB

5 Radiovaegen Bollmora, Tyreso 135 48 Sweden Pizza Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible [email protected] +46 8 712 35 20
Overall Ratings

4 based on 33 reviews

Restaurang Lilla Itailen HB

Reviewed By 214sedaty

I go to Lilla Italien each time I visit Stockholm, with more than 45 types of pizzas in the menu I was amazed, habent tried the Pastas as salads though. The staff is friendly and speak English if you need to, worth to try:)

4. Ektorps Pizzeria

Ugglevagen 17, Stockholm 131 44 Sweden Pizza, European, Swedish +46 8 716 83 25

3. Tyreso kok och bar

Oringevagen 2, Tyreso 135 49 Sweden Steakhouse, Bar, Pizza, Pub, Diner [email protected] +46 8 770 28 15
Tyreso kok och bar

Reviewed By 600ch

Här finns plats i restaurangen för större sällskap eller i sports baren. Gott tillagad mat med fina råvaror av fisk eller kött, pizza mm. Uteservering på sommaren. Mat att äta på plats eller ta hem.

2. 450 Gradi

Periskopvagen 19 Dalenumkajen, Lidingo 181 63 Sweden Italian, Pizza, European, Neapolitan, Campania, Southern-Italian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Accepts Credit Cards, Street Parking [email protected] +46 8 766 64 60
Overall Ratings

4 based on 178 reviews

450 Gradi

Reviewed By 933mikkele

Stone-oven pizza cooked at 450 degrees Celsius. Excellent service. Very friendly staff. The dough sits for 72 hours before entering the oven. Highly recommended!

Top 10 Things to do in Saltsjobaden, Sweden

1. Restaurang Saltsjo Pir

3 Brantvaegen, Saltsjobaden 133 42 Sweden Pizza, Swedish, Scandinavian, European Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service [email protected] +46 8 550 045 45
Overall Ratings

4 based on 118 reviews

Restaurang Saltsjo Pir

Reviewed By ThornDude

This restaurant is 14-15 km outside downtown Stockholm in the sleeping suburb of Fisksätra, the "poor cousin" of the posher, richer area of Saltsjöbaden. The waterfront location is pleasant. Driving there from Stockholm takes about 15-20 min via Route 222 and the "Saltsjöleden" highway link. I recommend using Google/Apple Maps to get there. Buses from Slussen are an alternative. The Saltsjöbanan railroad to Fisksätra station is easiest, but check where you can board a train -- the railroad is being extensively renovated and upgraded until 2023. The walk from the station is around 100 meters.In the summer you can also board a boat from Nybrokajen in downtown Stockholm (near Dramaten, the Royal Theater, direction "Artipelag") for a lovely ride straight to the restaurant.The restaurant: Saltsjö Pir (Pir is pier or jetty in English) is housed in a large building by the water. Be extremely careful about parking in the lot outside: parking guards from private companies rove these lots to fine parkers, which has become a very lucrative suburban business. There are no meters or machines to buy a parking ticket on the lot. You can park free for two hours if you have a "parking disc" showing the time you arrived. Otherwise, tell your server you want to purchase a parking ticket directly from the restaurant: a mere 20 kr will get you several hours of parking. Display the ticket openly on your dashboard near the steering wheel.The restaurant is large, open and gives you a view of the outdoors and water. The atmosphere is relaxed and staff will not push you out the door when your meal is finished. Unlike some large, noisy places, the acoustics are very good for conversation. There is a pleasant sitting area in the center with a "faux" fireplace. The kitchen is open at the back, where you can see the chefs preparing food.The menu is not extensive and features meat/fish/vegetarian choices. When we were there you could order things like a steak, venison, salmon, a hot tempura roll, roasted pumpkin with butternut squash purée, and fried herring. The chef has an ownership interest, so the class of cooking for a non-downtown restaurant in an offbeat location.

Top 10 restaurants in Saltsjobaden, Sweden

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