Top 8 Asian food in Xingyang, Henan, China

May 13, 2021 Darleen Reid

Best Asian restaurants nearby. Discover the best Asian food in Xingyang. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Asian restaurants near you. including YuFeng Yuan ZiBu HuiMian (YiHe Road), YuFeng Yuan ZiBu HuiMian (HuaiHe Road), Haidilao Hotpot (Xi Main Street), TianJin Wei ZuiZi YuCun ZhaJiangMian, Bai Yan LaMian (JinShui Road), ZhengZhou Tai YiXian (Jing Qi Road), Han Lin Tan Kao (YinXiang Cheng), HanJiang ShaoKao (Ren Zhai North Street)
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8. HanJiang ShaoKao (Ren Zhai North Street)

JinShuiQu Ren Zhai BeiJie Jing Ba LuKou, Zhengzhou China Barbecue, Asian, Korean

Reviewed By Happyreads

I found my dining experience at HanJiang ShaoKao (Ren Zhai North Street) to be very good. Serving size was generous!

7. Han Lin Tan Kao (YinXiang Cheng)

MinZhu Road 88, YinXiang Cheng 4 Floor, Zhengzhou China Asian, Korean +86 371 8601 6557

Reviewed By Happyreads

Looking for a quick meal to fill your stomach within a budget? Well, then Han Lin Tan Kao (YinXiang Cheng) is your answer.

6. ZhengZhou Tai YiXian (Jing Qi Road)

JingQi Road HuangHe Road, Zhengzhou China Asian, Taiwanese +86 371 5515 8989

Reviewed By Happyreads

ZhengZhou Tai YiXian (Jing Qi Road) - If you like me a really savour hot pot then your should visit here!

5. Bai Yan LaMian (JinShui Road)

JinShui Road Yu Yu Feng Road Intersection, Zhengzhou China Chinese, Barbecue, Asian, Xinjiang Lunch, Dinner +86 371 6951 3838

Reviewed By Happyreads

I stopped at Bai Yan LaMian (JinShui Road) for a quick bite and to relax my legs from all the walking. Nice food.

4. TianJin Wei ZuiZi YuCun ZhaJiangMian

HangHai Middle Road, Zhengzhou China Seafood, Asian +86 371 6877 0138

Reviewed By A TripAdvisor China Member

十一和老公刚来过这家店,比较喜欢这家店的炸酱面,味道 正宗,酱也不错,面也比较劲道。不喜欢的,倒是没有,价格也还行,交通也方便。

3. Haidilao Hotpot (Xi Main Street)

ErQiQu XiDaJie 194Hao, Zhengzhou China Chinese, Asian Dinner Seating, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +86 371 6932 3013
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4 based on 49 reviews

Haidilao Hotpot (Xi Main Street)

Reviewed By thekuskafa

The service at Haidilao is amazing. The food is spectacular. It is truly unlike any other hotpot restaurant. You can order with an iPad. They have an incredible sauce bar, and the entertainment during the meal is very different than anything I've seen before. Reasonable prices for the service. If you have been in China a while, I definitely recommend going here for a change of routine!

2. YuFeng Yuan ZiBu HuiMian (HuaiHe Road)

HuaiHe Road 2, Zhengzhou China Asian +86 371 6897 2996

Reviewed By A TripAdvisor China Member


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1. YuFeng Yuan ZiBu HuiMian (YiHe Road)

YiHe Road, Zhengzhou China Asian +86 371 6763 6670

Reviewed By gongyuanfeng


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