Top 7 Turkish food in Marmara Island, Balikesir Province, Turkey

November 10, 2019 Veronika Gaddis

Find out what Turkish restaurants to try in Marmara Island including Erhan Restaurant, Marmara Pide Salonu, Pehlivan Restaurant, Meshur Elif Ana'nin Yeri, Sezar Restaurant, Nebizade Bursa Kebabi, Istanbul Pub

7. Istanbul Pub

Balabanaga Mah. Sehzadebasi Cad. No:5/7, Marmara Island 34134 Turkey Turkish Breakfast Outdoor Seating [email protected] +90 212 519 09 09

Istanbul Pub & Cafe Restaurant is well located in the heart of the old city and within walking distance to all monuments, museums such as Covered Bazaar, Suleymaniye Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), and Topkapi Palace. Istanbul Pub

6. Nebizade Bursa Kebabi

Hurriyet Mah. Gumruk Sok. No:1 D:1 Marmara Merkez, Marmara Island Turkey Turkish 8855087

5. Sezar Restaurant

Sahil Mah. Inonu Cad. No:7 Avsa, Marmara Island Turkey Turkish 8961558

4. Meshur Elif Ana'nin Yeri

Turkeli Beldesi Manastir Cad. Avsa, Marmara Island Turkey Turkish 8962852
Meshur Elif Ana'nin Yeri

Reviewed By Nomadsy

Yemekler fena değil, biraz yağlı. Fiyat kalite dengesi ile ilgili sorun car, kişi başı doyarak kalkmak min 35-40tl. Fiyatları daha uygun olmalı ama ev yemeği için ideal mekan. Çiğ börekleri lezzetli. Ev yemeği üzerine çay bulunmaması büyük sorun. Ev baklavası görüntüsü ile tavlıyor ama lezzetli değil.

3. Pehlivan Restaurant

4 Temmuz Cad. Aba Mevkii, Marmara Island Turkey Mediterranean, Turkish +90 266 885 57 25

Reviewed By KanGurular

We visited here for a lunch break. there were different kinds of sea food mezes in the menu. Mussel salad, seasoned rice with mussel, shrimp salad etc. Prices were not so high. They served the beer in the chilly glass. we ate mussel salad, rice with mussel and cod fish. All of them were tasty. the venue was located in the Aba beach area of the island.

2. Marmara Pide Salonu

Marmara Adasi, Ataturk Cad. Marmara Merkez, Marmara Island Turkey Turkish 8855239
Marmara Pide Salonu

Reviewed By AnBe1986

We ate at this restaurant twice because the Pide here was simply amazing. The prizes are very moderate and the service was friendly. They also offer a variety of traditional local homecooked food which you should try as well.

1. Erhan Restaurant

Okullar Mahallesi, Hukumet Cd. Hamam Sok. No: 1, Marmara Island 10360 Turkey Turkish, Greek Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Table Service +90 532 064 03 10
Erhan Restaurant

Reviewed By 224mbb

We visited Erhan Restaurant two times since we were satisfied at the first visit. It is a clean, small family (mıstly fish) restaurant. Almost all tables were full inside at both of our visits. They also have places outside through the small bridge in the center. Both of the nights were windy but we did not have any discomfort because of that. They have around 20 appetizer types. We tried approximately half of them and they were all satisfactory except one. I can strictly recommend you to try aubergine with cheeze. Although I tried similar food before, this was exceptional regarding aromatic cheese option (something like emmental cheese) which can especially be tried with red wine. Calamary was quiete delicious with its rare souce. Souce with nuts, dill herbs was tasty. Shrimps (grilled with olive oil and spices) were better than average but still not the best. All cold olive-oil based appetisers were quiete satisfied. I wanted to try icli kofte (meat ball in hard fried bolgary shield). Unfortunattely although outer shell was well-fries, inner part was still semi-frozen. It was obvious that they did not have waited enough in order to defreeze. But when it was understood, they took it back and recooked and they did not add it to bill as well. We had anchovy in the first night. Although I did not try it, my friend was happy with it that he ordered in the second night. I tried meat ball(with some doubt to try red meat where sea food is the real menu) and it was ok (still resoult would be better if gread was less). I need to add that I tried meat ball in three different restaurants during four days and this was clearly the best on the island. Stuff was really friendly and hard-working. Prices were quiete ok as well. It is like 90-100 tl/person (11-13 €/pr) if you do not prefer alcohol. It can goes up to 140-160 tl/pr (18- 20 €/pr). You can set one night for Erhan Restaurant.

Top 6 restaurants in Marmara Island, Turkey

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