Top 7 Seafood food in Ding'an County, Hainan, China

May 7, 2021 Harland Bartelt

Discover Restaurants offering the best Seafood food in Ding'an County, Hainan, China including BanQiao Seafood GuangChang, QiLou XiaoChiJie, DongJiao YeLin Seafood Cheng (HaiKou), FuLe Ji Restaurant (WuZhiShan Road), A Er Soup, DaZui Yu Xiang, Dou Lao Fang (HaiKou Main Branch)
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7. Dou Lao Fang (HaiKou Main Branch)

JinLong Road 98, ShangBang Bai Hui Cheng 2 Building 2 Floor, Haikou China Seafood +86 898 6857 0577

Reviewed By gyfandzd


6. DaZui Yu Xiang

JinLong Road 16, Haikou China Seafood +86 898 6852 5666

Reviewed By gyfandzd


5. A Er Soup

2/F-3/F, Liji Hongshengcheng, No.64 Haixiu Road, Meilan District, Haikou China Seafood Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +86 898 6677 4123
A Er Soup

Reviewed By nkuankua

The soup is very refreshing and the food is good. The service needs improvement as it is very slow although the waitresses are courteous.

4. FuLe Ji Restaurant (WuZhiShan Road)

WuZhiShan Road 5, SongTao Mansion 1 Floor, Haikou China Seafood +86 898 6672 2592

Reviewed By armut_R


3. DongJiao YeLin Seafood Cheng (HaiKou)

JinLong Road 95, Haikou China Seafood +86 898 6859 0999

Reviewed By gyfandzd


2. QiLou XiaoChiJie

LongHua District DaTong Road 2, DaTong Plaza, Haikou China Seafood

Reviewed By fridaywoo

only opens at night. place is like a tourist trap. and more surprisingly, the alley beside it sells mainly food trying to pass off as taiwan delicacies. what an irony- why would i want to go to hainan to eat taiwan food?

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1. BanQiao Seafood GuangChang

MeiLan District BanQiao Road BanQiao XinCun, Haikou 572000 China Seafood [email protected] +86 188 8967 4335

Reviewed By 246StephenC

I have paid exorbitant prices for seafood so this place is a real treat if you enjoy this cuisine. The setting is a market selling raw seafood, coexisting with restaurants where you pay a cooking fee to prepare the seafood to a style of your choice. My family of 5 had a sumptuous meal comprising of 9 dishes and we paid less than 400 RMB in all! Do manage your expectations though as this is like an open air market and not a high end restaurant.

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