Top 7 Italian food in Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

November 9, 2019 Alice Mieles

Reviews on Italian food in Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan including Olmo, Terra Dono, Il Pulcinella, Gunge Pizza, Nakajima Taishodo, Tamba Honten, Molto Buono Piccolo Fukuchiyama, Pandozo Cafe
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7. Pandozo Cafe

43 Ueno Shitsumi, Kyotanba-cho, Funai-gun 622-0332 Kyoto Prefecture Italian, Pizza, Cafe Lunch [email protected] +81 771-87-9015

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6. Molto Buono Piccolo Fukuchiyama

2379-2 Hori Heimat Maison 2, Fukuchiyama 620-0000 Kyoto Prefecture Italian +81 773-24-3802
Molto Buono Piccolo Fukuchiyama

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5. Nakajima Taishodo, Tamba Honten

448 Kaibaracho Kaibara, Tamba 669-3309 Hyogo Prefecture Italian, Cafe Lunch +81 795-73-0160
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Nakajima Taishodo, Tamba Honten

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4. Gunge Pizza

852 Gunge, Tanba Sasayama 669-2341 Hyogo Prefecture Italian, Pizza Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi [email protected] +81 90-8529-1550
Gunge Pizza

We mix traditional italian recipes with our japanese cuisine. Come try our famous Miso pizza (we've been featured on tv!) We use locally grown ingredients, just picked up from the surrounding farms. And we bake in a wonderful smelling wood oven that makes

Reviewed By Chuck K

I've been lunching at Gunge for several years and have watched how the chef has continually improved his pizza and Italian entrees. Each pizza is made on the spot and baked to perfection in his wood oven in just a few minutes. The variety of pizza toppings and combinations is impressive, but my favorite is his five cheese option. Gunge also has a range of coffee's, keeps a stock of craft beers and aperitifs, and has an English menu and English speaking staff.Thank you sir. I hope you’ll enjoy next one too.

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3. Il Pulcinella

3-20-1 Minamicho, Fukuchiyama Kyoto Prefecture Italian Lunch, Dinner +81 773-22-3751
Il Pulcinella

Reviewed By realwildbob

We came on a film shoot to this town. When we saw the decor we assumed there was something authentic here.It was the hotel breakfast. The coffee was okay. We thought we'd get some good Neopolitan cooking and that night asked for Margherita Pizza and Antipasto. The cook said something about their pizzas I didn't understand. I explained we want simple authentic food. He said he would prepare. What we got was not fit for consumption. Ridiculous "fritter pizza" full of junk. No real Mozzarella cheese, no tomato sauce. One had peas. One had soggy Japanese spinach. One had Heaven knows what. All were loaded with salt and served with Fries (?!) I spoke to the chef. Should have sent the mess back. We each took a bite of each and left the rest. It was inedible. It was basically garbage. I'm sorry. One of our crew felt sick. The bill for this junk food was high, the chef did not express his regret or make any effort to satisfy us. We gave him the money. We want to forget this as soon as possible. It was the worst "pizza" I have seen in my life. It is the worst "pizza" in Japan.This shop should close.These people should leave Japan.They embarrass Japan.Take away their Pulcinella.Please.

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2. Terra Dono

156-2 Sakenashi, Ichishimacho, Tamba 669-4337 Hyogo Prefecture Italian, Pizza Lunch, Dinner +81 795-85-4755
Terra Dono

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1. Olmo

119 Kaibaracho Kaibara, Tamba Hyogo Prefecture Italian +81 795-73-3500

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