Top 7 Central European food in Nizhnevartovsk, Tyumen Oblast, Russia

September 1, 2019 Kelli Reichel

Discover Restaurants offering the best Central European food in Nizhnevartovsk, Tyumen Oblast, Russia. Nizhnevartovsk (Russian: Нижневартовск, IPA: [nʲɪʐnʲɪˈvartəfsk]) is a city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia. Since the 1960s, the Western Siberian oil boom led to Nizhnevartovsk's rapid growth from a small settlement to a city due to its location beside the Samotlor oil field along the right bank of the Ob River, 30 kilometers (19 mi) from the border with Tomsk Oblast, and the presence of the petroleum industry has made it one of the wealthiest cities in Russia.
Things to do in Nizhnevartovsk

7. Chaikhona Uzbechka

Lenina, 10P/7, Nizhnevartovsk 628609 Russia European, Central European Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +7 982 157-70-00
Chaikhona Uzbechka

Reviewed By _B4395XQ

Расположено эта закусочная на складах, есть яркая вывеска, поэтому найти можно.В меню восточная кухня.Также работает доставка.Пару раз пытались заказать доставку, но не дозвонились.

6. U Reginy

Mira, 94, Nizhnevartovsk 628624 Russia European, Central European Lunch, Dinner +7 346 649-14-84
U Reginy

Reviewed By Вера Ш

Нравятся такие активные и внимательные ребята! Так держать! Всегда все и все в норме! Очень нравятся Ваши вкусняшки! Приходите, не пожалеете!

5. Avika

Khanty-Mansiyskaya, 30, Nizhnevartovsk 628624 Russia Japanese, European, Central European Lunch, Dinner +7 346 668-97-00

Reviewed By Emma K

Кафе находится одновременно с автомойкой в одном месте. Это как-то не очень радует. Прямо возле дороги, рядом с новостройками. Но мы были впервые в кафе Авика, порадовала обстановка, стиль и приветливость персонала, музыка и разные программы и теперь мы для себя определили, где можно хорошо провести время.Спасибо.

4. Atlant Plus

Romantikov, 7A, Nizhnevartovsk 628624 Russia European, Central European Lunch, Dinner +7 346 645-45-90
Atlant Plus

Reviewed By Александр А

это заведение подходит для проведения довольно юольших мероприятий на 70-200 человек. зал новый нарядный. но пойти например, вечером на свидание в этот ресторан я бы не рискнул....

Top 10 Things to do in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia

3. Chuchvara

Mira 27/2, Nizhnevartovsk 628609 Russia Uzbek, Georgian, Azerbaijani, European, Central European Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night, Drinks Takeout, Parking Available, Street Parking, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Reservations, Private Dining, Seating, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol [email protected] +7 346 642-30-60
Overall Ratings

4 based on 43 reviews


Reviewed By Johnny_Goode

Good simple restaurant, but the Georgian cuisine is not their speciality. Khachapuri w/egg lacked the specific cheese/dough taste and khinkali w/lamb were not really spiced up w/herbs. OK, it's not terrible, but if you already tasted something like this even in simple chain restaurants like Jon Joli or Khinkalnaya #1 in Moscow, you would be a bit disappointed. Free wifi, but authorization procedure is cumbersome: you connect and then need to call the number to verify it was you. Overall impression, OK.

Nizhnevartovsk Food Guide: 10 Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Nizhnevartovsk

2. Hooligan's Irish Pub

Mira St., 27Zh, Nizhnevartovsk 628600 Russia Irish, Bar, European, Pub, Central European Lunch, Dinner Serves Alcohol, Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Television, Table Service +7 346 627-55-33
Overall Ratings

4 based on 63 reviews

Hooligan's Irish Pub

Reviewed By kingofthehills

The food was a welcome break from the other Nizh restaurants and the fish & chips were actually OK. One of the kilted waiters started doing card trick beside me. Beer was good and the atmosphere was nice. Popular with business community

Where to eat European food in Nizhnevartovsk: The Best Restaurants and Bars

1. Zolotoi Medved

Pobedy Ave., 6, Nizhnevartovsk 628606 Russia European, Russian, Central European, Norwegian Dinner, Brunch, Lunch, Late Night, Drinks Reservations, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Table Service [email protected] +7 346 661-53-77
Overall Ratings

4 based on 59 reviews

Zolotoi Medved

Reviewed By Thierry-Philippines

You enter this quite old design restaurant and you expect Hunter heavy food ... but no! The food is modern, well prepared and to a level of precision in the cooking that I was not expecting. Add to this a friendly waitress who is doing her best to communicate on the Russian menu, with a smile on the face, and a dessert totally unexpected... here you go: You get a great experience.Highly recommended

Tyumen Oblast, Russia Food Guide: 10 Russian food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Nizhnevartovsk

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