Top 6 Turkish food in Kahta, Adiyaman Province, Turkey

February 28, 2020 Brain Ambrose

Discover Restaurants offering the best Turkish food in Kahta, Adiyaman Province, Turkey. Kâhta (Kurdish: Kolîk, Syriac: ܓܟܬܝ/ Gakhti [kh = h], Ottoman Turkish: کولک / Kölük) is a large district of Adıyaman Province of Turkey. Population 63,216 (as of 2010).
Things to do in Kahta

6. Yudum Restaurant

Mustafa Kemal Cad. No:123 Kahta Merkez, Kahta Turkey Turkish +90 416 725 52 45

5. Mangal Duragi

Mustafa Kemal Caddesi No: 41, Kahta Turkey Turkish +90 416 726 19 19

4. Kahta Iskender Kebap Salonu

Girne Bulv. Mustafa Kemal Pasa Cad. No:135 Kahta Merkez, Kahta Turkey Turkish +90 416 726 27 57

3. Cafe Rome

Narince-kocahisar, Kahta Turkey Turkish Lunch, Dinner

Reviewed By Marylene P

Do not go with Mehmet. HE STEALS FROM TOURISTS. He charged us 400 Turkish Lira ON TOP of our already paid accommodation. He invents trumped up charges: he gives no receipt, has no bill and doesn't explain the charges. 400 Lira is a lot--it is 200 dollars! This does not include accommodation. When we told him we did not want to tip him more than 300 he threatened us! He said he will call the police--and the police would not listen to tourists who don't speak the language.

2. Kahta Sofrasi

Mustafa Kemal Cad. No:62/A Kahta Merkez, Kahta Turkey Turkish, Middle Eastern +90 416 726 20 55

Reviewed By aranjuezUSA

The restaurant is across the street from the Kommagene Hotel where our Mt Nemrut tour started. The tour organizer recommended the restaurant. We kind of hesitated when walking in and seeing no customers. The restaurant was kind of plain looking local eating place, like a diner or cafeteria. But we had no other choice so just ordered pre-cooked dishes, baked eggplants and beef stews since we don;t want eat lamb so no kebabs. To our surprise, the baked eggplants stuffed with beef and tomatoes were extremely tasty, because they were slow cooked at low temperature for long time and the flavors and grease were thoroughly baked into eggplants. This is the best eggplant dish we ever had throughout our Turkey trip. We had tried similar dishes in other cities but nothing compares to this. Through waiter's translation, we told the chef that this was the best eggplant dish we ever had, and he was very happy to hear that. We refer this restaurant as "Sofrasi", later realized that its full name is Kahta Sofrasi. And in Turkish, Sofrasi means supper.

1. Akel Restaurant: Neset'in Yeri

Baraj Yolu Cd., Kahta Turkey Turkish Table Service [email protected] +90 416 725 76 75
Akel Restaurant: Neset'in Yeri

Reviewed By traveloebus

Before coming to Adiyaman I thought that I won't be able to eat a good food here after Gaziantep where has the best food in Turkey and maybe in the world. But this place changed this totally.I've had one of the best dinners in my life. The salads the serve are very tasty and different. It is a bit far from the center but it is worth both for the food and the lake view.

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