Top 6 Fast Food food in Zhangqiu, Shandong, China

February 16, 2020 Enedina Augsburger

Find out what Fast Food restaurants to try in Zhangqiu. Zhangqiu is a district under the jurisdiction of Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, People's Republic of China.

5. McDonald's (ZiBo ShangSha)

ZiBo ShangSha, Zibo China Fast Food

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4. JiaJia Ji

Jing ShiLu 431Hao HuaLian ChaoShi GuangChang Dian XiCe, Jinan China Fast Food +86 531 8715 5999

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3. Pizza Hut (HuiZhan Restaurant)

LiXiaQu GongYe NanLu 59Hao ZhongTie ShiJu DaLou 1-2 Lou, Jinan China Pizza, Fast Food +86 531 6780 3788

Reviewed By Taka510


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2. KFC (Yin He)

LiXiaQu GaoXinQu Xin Luo DaJie 1766Hao Yin He DaSha e Zuo 1Lou, Jinan China Fast Food

Reviewed By SusanKelly29

KFC's chicken and food is just what you'd get at any branch worldwide so if you like KFC, you'll like this. There are more spicy food options and some Chinese items like porridge and a savory Chinese churro.

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1. Pizza Hut (Sheng Ti)

Jing Shi Road 124 TiYu Center, LuNeng TaiShan Plaza 1 Floor, Jinan China Pizza, Fast Food Lunch, Dinner +86 531 8290 3377

Reviewed By Luismaxiu

In Jinan there is not TGI Fridays but Pizza Hut restaurant is a really close version, so if you like that style of restaurants this is the one. Prices are not cheap since ingredients over here are not cheap either, but are reasonable.Crowded all the time anyway so is better to avoid weekends and Fridays

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