Top 6 Fast Food food in Winchester, Kentucky, United States

February 20, 2020 Ying Subia

Discover Restaurants offering the best Fast Food food in Winchester, Kentucky, United States. Winchester is a home rule-class city in and the county seat of Clark County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 18,368 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Lexington-Fayette, KY Metropolitan Statistical Area.
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6. Burger King

1199 W Lexington Ave, Winchester, KY 40391-1134 Fast Food +1 859-745-2090

Reviewed By KentuckyHighlander

Disaster from beginning to end. The wait in the drive-thru was so long that several cars pulled out of line and left. When I reached the microphone, I was told, "Just a second..." Ten minutes later, it was repeated. I should have left then.I ordered a Big Fish, Whopper, and their Mozzarella Cheese Sticks.The fish sandwich was the worst I have ever eaten. No taste, and it felt as if it had sat overnight under a warming light. On one bite, the crust was so tough I spat it out to see if I had bit off some of the paper wrapper. Nope, it was the fish patty.The Mozzarella is supposed to be the gooey, stringy cheese you find on good pizza. Instead, it was like a rolled-up Velveeta cheese slice in a cardboard tube. Barely warm.The only thing that saves this review from a one-star is the Whopper. Same Whopper goodness as always, but even then, they found a way to mess up. I love pickles. So I always order "heavy pickles." I believe drive-thru clerks truly think they are being cute when they put every extra pickle in a stack, instead of placing them around the bun.

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5. Domino's Pizza

1476 W Lexington Ave, Winchester, KY 40391-1294 Pizza, Fast Food Lunch, Dinner Wheelchair Accessible +1 859-745-0800
Overall Ratings

3 based on 14 reviews

Visit your Winchester Domino's Pizza today for a signature pizza or oven baked sandwich. We have coupons and specials on pizza delivery, pasta, buffalo wings, & more! Order online now!

Reviewed By TLP1022

This is one of my families favorite carry out pizzas! Always hot and ready when you order them! The staff is always polite. The last time I went, I ordered using the app. The price didn't come up the cheapest and the cashier fixed my total to reflect the cheapest price possible!

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4. Steak 'n Shake

1452 West Lexington Avenue, Winchester, KY 40391 Fast Food, European, Albanian Lunch, Dinner +1 877-785-6745

Steak 'n Shake, a classic American brand, was founded in 1934 in Normal, Illinois by Gus Belt who pioneered the concept of premium burgers and milk shakes. For over 85 years, the company's name has been symbolic of its heritage. The word "steak" stood for

Reviewed By Wildcat1897

Living here in Winchester it is not often that we get a new restaurant opening up. Glad this one did as now I can get my double stack with fries and my cup of chili without having to go over to Lexington.The wait was longer than it usually is at the larger locations but it was worth it.

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3. Subway

2 Shoppers Dr Ste 4, Winchester, KY 40391-2801 Fast Food +1 859-744-0603

Reviewed By bradwN9107IR

This Subway changed hands a few years back, and went down hill overnight. A typical visit now will either start with you walking in the door to be greeted with "we're out of bread". Or if they manage to have that, virtually every topping you ask for is "out of stock". This conversation is made even more difficult by the fact that they typically have loud, unedited rap music blaring on the sandwich line. I guess if you enjoy having your kids expand their vocabulary while dining out, that might be the only selling point this place has.

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2. Sakura Express

401 Bullion Blvd, Winchester, KY 40391-2933 Japanese, Fast Food, Asian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 859-737-0007
Overall Ratings

4 based on 30 reviews

Sakura Express

Reviewed By Dan F

Sakura is in an ex-fast food place, so it is relatively small, with a serving counter and self seat dining area. The food is excellent. The menu is somewhat limited: beef, chicken, shrimp, vegetables- in singles or multiple combinations. I had the beef and shrimp. The shrimp were large and succulent. The beef was cooked perfectly. The have hibachi and teriyaki sauces. I didn't care for either much, but soy sauce alone was perfect. Portions were large. The dining area was clean, cool, and very nice. Staff were very nice and helpful.

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1. Fazoli's

16 Carol Rd, Winchester, KY 40391-1141 Fast Food, Italian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Seating, Drive Thru [email protected] +1 859-744-7997

Welcome to Fazoli's fast, fresh, Italian restaurant in Winchester, KY. Our Pasta and Sauces, Breadsticks and Salads are FRESHLY prepared throughout the day. Oven-Baked Dishes and Submarinos® are never baked 'til you order them! Made with 100% Real Mozzare

Reviewed By KimberlyKunz

You order your food like you would at a fast food restaurant. The food came quick and they have someone passing around bread sticks throughout your meal. The food was pretty good considering the convenience, speed of getting the food and the price. We'd come back for sure!

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