Top 5 Swedish food in Saffle, Varmland County, Sweden

February 16, 2020 Emerita Lamoureux

Reviews on Swedish food in Saffle, Varmland County, Sweden. Säffle (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈsɛfˈlɛ]) is a locality and the seat of Säffle Municipality, Värmland County, Sweden with 9,150 inhabitants in 2016.

1. Esters Cafe

Ed Hagalund Langserud, Saffle 661 96 Sweden Cafe, Swedish, Scandinavian Lunch, Brunch Outdoor Seating, Seating [email protected] +46 533 502 45
Overall Ratings

4 based on 76 reviews

Esters Cafe

Reviewed By Gunnar H

The place is very popular for a lunch stop. But it is also interesting because of the garden sales and museal contens in the attic. Or a place to stop just for a cup of coffe and cakes.

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2. Gron Ko Cafe & Saluhall

Varmlandsbro Brovaegen 23, Saffle 661 93 Sweden European, Swedish, Scandinavian Lunch, Dinner Seating +46 533 409 10
Overall Ratings

4 based on 63 reviews

Gron Ko Cafe & Saluhall

Reviewed By Reslysten54

The trains have not stopped at the Varmlandsbro Station for many, many years. But unlike some other station houses along the same route (Segmon, e.g.) the old stylish station has not been torn down. Instead, as a testimony to human entrepreneurship in small town Sweden, it has become a restaurant and shop that specializes in locally produced food. Business was brisk, and service friendly when I visited.I am not sure exactly how local the fish in my soup was, but I do know that it tasted quite well. It was great to see that new life has come to this old station house.

3. Stenmagasinet

KanalomrÃ¥det, Saffle Sweden Italian, European, Swedish Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Buffet, Seating, Parking Available, Free Off-Street Parking, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer, Accepts Credit Cards [email protected] +46 533 434 30
Overall Ratings

4 based on 27 reviews


Reviewed By jbeebee

Having read great reviews l, we were eager to arrive. Well, it was not an enjoyable experience. - when ordering we discovering half the starters are not available - we enquirer about gluten free options. The waitress has no idea and does not seem keen to check - we asked for extra Parmesan and discovered later that we were charged for it. This is a total aberration for so called Italian food. - ice-cream has clearly been frozen and unfrozen many times. We did not finish it. - lastly, we could not pay in cash for said ice-cream (which is sold in a hut next to the restaurant - same owners) and no sign to let you know in advance. Overall the food is really average and I really do not recommend except for the location. Not only does your feedback contain lacking attentions that we soon will list, it doesn't say the truth and it doesn't result as constructive critics at all to us.Yet we have the pleasure to answer you, getting to one point after another as you've done.Your first affirmation is false. Among all entrées available only "Tagliere Maxi" wasn't present. The other 6 ones, as 3 kinds of different bruschette, toast skagen, carpaccio and polenta were all available. What's the purpose of writing something not true?We have various choices of gluten free plates, some of them clearly specified on the menu. The answer of the waitress to your question, was that you could find different types to choose among and if you preferred, she could go and ask in the kitchen for the confirmation that we could offer you every choice on the menu (pasta, hamburgerbread, some of the entrées, all plates of meal and fish, different kind of salads) but you answered that there was no need to do that and so you ordered 2 carpaccio to start with 2 different kinds of gnocchi as main courses. Why does someone order gnocchi if in search of a gluten free plate? Why not attend for the confirmation from the kitchen on the gluten free choices?Although it seems like nothing slips you, you must have missed that extra Parmigiano has a price of it's own on the menu. Our restaurant, in addition to paying the taxes, the waitresses and all the rest, also pays the food that gets served at the tables. We buy the Parmigiano, and therefore if someone orders extra of the product, it must be payed by the client. If you'd been a guest at my house, I would have offered it to you without any doubt.You were not able to finish your ice-cream, that we obviously defrost and refreeze all the time for our guests...Not only is that a serious accusation, it's also a pretty foolish accusation.We'd gladly know the reasons why you have written such a thing and what could we gain by doing this "defrosting and refreezing" the ice-cream we ourselves pay for and that we accurately keep at a certain temperature just to be sure that it will maintain a perfect consistency - both the Swedish and the Italian ice-cream, even the sorbetto (by the way divided in 2 different freezers) A fact that every other client of ours has noticed, except you.As you yourself has specified, our kiosk is distant from the restaurant so it's not very intelligent keeping unguarded cash inside of it. We've already had one robbery at our restaurant and other two attempts to robbery, and it's not wise to give people a chance to instigate to robbery of an open kiosk. Over the opening of the kiosk it's also written clearly that "here we accept only cards, not cash." You must have slipped this too.It transpires from your feedback the lack of consciousness that you find yourselves in a genuine Italian restaurant, owned by Italians, that not only has habitual Swedish and foreign clients, but also Italian customers who are overly happy about having found us who obviously don't understand much about Italian food, on the contrary to you...We can't explain what kind of satisfaction one finds in going to a "well rewied" restaurant with the only intent of finding something to write about at any cost, only for the pleasure of trying to appear as better connoisseurs than others who have left us positive feedback before your visit.We, the owners, are all the time in the restaurant, that is mostly conducted by our family, and we are always willing to receive compliments and critics from our clients, in this way we get the chance to explain, reply and, if there's the need for it, also correct the errors committed.In these cases, instead of making believe that everything is OK in front of us and our staff, if there's something that has disturbed you, the most adult and mature manner to proceed is talking directly to us, the owners.We invite you to write us again if you still would like to confront yourselves on the points above.

4. Luro Krog

Luro, Saffle 661 91 Sweden European, Swedish [email protected] +46 70 521 67 33
Luro Krog

Reviewed By 813ingmarieb

Tar båten klockan 10. Går runt ön efter en timmes färd, badar och avslutar på krogen med smörstekt abborre, färsk potatis och kantarellsås. Wow. Båten hem igen vid 15.

5. Krokstad Bistro

Krokstad Herrgard Duse Udde, Saffle 661 94 Sweden European, Swedish +46 533 69 10 80
Krokstad Bistro

Reviewed By Anders333

En aptit retare med tapenade på knäcke och picklad rödlök, förrätt gravad gös och gravad hjort med olika små emulsioner, en lite speciell surf and turf, varmrätt ankbröst på risottobädd och rödvins sås. Dessert amerikansk pannkaka med brie ost, husets egen honung samt hallon eller hemmagjord vaniljglass. Allt otroligt gott och vällagat, en fantastisk meny och vinerna som rekommenderades till var riktigt bra. Pannkakan levde inte upp till de andra rätterna men totalt sett riktigt bra. Service i toppklass och personligt engagemang från personalen.

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