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February 20, 2020 Myesha Cogley

Discover Restaurants offering the best Chinese food in Webster, New York, United States. Ronald W. Nesbitt (R; 2006-present)
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1. Royal Dynasty Chinese

1763 Empire Blvd, Webster, NY 14580-2148 Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Table Service +1 585-671-5133
Overall Ratings

4 based on 106 reviews

Royal Dynasty Chinese

Reviewed By Darlegal

We were expecting a much better meal based on reviews. Our food was only lukewarm when it arrived at our table, tasted only OK, and too expensive for the quality.

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2. China Chef

980 Ridge Rd Webster Plaza, Webster, NY 14580-2965 Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Delivery, Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 585-872-9580
Overall Ratings

3 based on 24 reviews

China Chef

Reviewed By 614nevinh

Ordered 4 dishes for three people w/ egg rolls and we were all very happy. Kung Pao chicken, sesame chicken, pork fried rice and chicken lo mein. The lo mein, fried rice and kung pao were fantastic. Chicken sesame and egg rolls were average. Just moved to the area glad a good Chinese take out joint is close by. Will def be back! Cheers!!!

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3. Spring Garden

1217 Bay Rd, Webster, NY 14580-1958 Chinese Dinner +1 585-670-9999

Reviewed By takeROOT-27

When in the mood for chinese Spring Garden is the place to go!To give a little backround since this is the first review...It is a husband and wife who own the business and you will find atleast one of them there working all the time. They both provide great customer service and are very friendly. The food is absolutely delicious and the restaurant is super clean!This chinese restaurant is amongst the cleanest I have ever been too, and I must reiterate that because it's super important to us. The kitchen is visable which is nice to be able to see where it is your food is being prepared. Also to note there are only 4 tables in the restaurant and it is Pick-Up only.When I visit, I always order the same thing 'Broccoli w/ Garlic Sauce' and it almost never fails. I say this because when the husband or wife cooks it, it is absolutely delicious. However, I can notice a slight difference in taste if one of the other staff members prepares it which is still good but it's just not the same. The broccoli is always "crunchy", not overcooked and soft when you go to eat it. The garlic sauce is not so much garlicy as it is sweet but it is the BEST. My husband usually orders the '(White Meat) Chicken w/ Garlic Sauce' (to get the white meat, you have to specify otherwise you'll get crispy chicken which is similar to Sesame Chicken. We've tried Broccoli w/ Orange Sauce, Szechuan but not many others because we always stick to our favorites. One thing I might add as a suggestion to add to the menu is brown rice, as they don't currently offer it.I've tried many chinese restaurants in the area including Jade Palace, Chef King, & Royal Dynasty all of which have no comparison. If your in the area or just plain in the mood for chinese, Spring Garden will not disappoint. The prices are relatively the same to all other similar restaurants in the area. They even offer lunch specials and send out fliers including coupons.

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4. Jade Palace Restaurant

602 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580-2317 Chinese, Asian Dinner, Lunch Takeout, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Reservations, Table Service +1 585-671-5400
Overall Ratings

3 based on 42 reviews

Jade Palace Restaurant

Reviewed By SanfordFoodie

Now in truth we were there on a Sunday Evening, and quite late, so our experience may not be typical. The family we were there with love this place. But on Sunday night it was pretty quite. The food was overall good. We ordered the meal for four and it was really enough food for twice that number. With the soup and eggrolls, the main dishes provided lots of leftovers. All were pretty good but could have been served just a bit hotter. The beef and chicken with typical brown sauce were actually very good and nice and tender. Overall, it was OK. I'd try to visit when busy next time.

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5. 1 Chinese Restaurant

38 1/2 E Main St, Webster, NY 14580-3212 Chinese +1 585-265-1118

Reviewed By DxK67

I've eaten here several times over the years. It's about 1 step above the Chinese food you'd get in a mall. It's way too oily, the portions are small, the food has no flavor, and the staff isn't very personable. The interior is nice but you'll never see anyone eat inside because of the atmosphere. I've seen Chinese restaurants that were holes in the wall and dirty as heck but people would eat in them, I've never seen it here and it's a lot nice in there. I don't think this place has anything other than location. The Xerox workers that order out every week eat at the other 2 Chinese restaurants in the area.

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