Top 4 Italian food in Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

May 29, 2020 Velvet Mowry

Find out what Italian restaurants to try in Koshu including Papa Solotte, Kazahana, Katsunuma Golf Course Restaurant, Pizza House El Paso
Things to do in Koshu

1. Papa Solotte

3577-6 Hishiyama Katsunumacho, Koshu Yamanashi Prefecture Italian +81 553-39-8763
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Papa Solotte

Reviewed By Aruka2014

Always enjoy delicious French/Italian dishes from local vegetables, meat, and sometimes game with huge varieties of wines. Wines here are really good. It is located at the front gate of great wine country of Yamanashi – Nagano Prefectures, so they have a large collection of Japanese wines along with many from other countries. If you ask, you can have glasses of wines from the wineries you are interested in so you can compare and have plans beforehand. The owner is a champion sommelier and the manager is a sommelier, too. I love chatting with them on wines, wineries, food in season and they’ve provided good tips of tourism. They have prefixed lunch: A sandwich, salad, soup 950 yen, B appetizer of the day, pasta, focaccia, desert with coffee/tea 1,800 yen, C appetizer of the day, pasta, meat/fish, focaccia, desert with coffee/tea 2,600 yen. Dinner starts from 5 p.m.This cozy restaurant has a view of wineries of Katsunuma and the Kofu Basin. It’s easy to find and access like 3 minute-walk from Kasunuma Budokyo station.

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2. Kazahana

2309-1 Enzan Fujiki, Koshu Yamanashi Prefecture Italian, Japanese +81 553-33-7551

Reviewed By ichiko3


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3. Katsunuma Golf Course Restaurant

5368-1 Aza Mukaihara Nakahara Katsunumacho, Koshu Yamanashi Prefecture Italian +81 553-44-3111

Reviewed By Central_Village1


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4. Pizza House El Paso

942-1 Katsunuma Katsunumacho, Koshu 409-1316 Yamanashi Prefecture Italian, Pizza +81 553-44-3910

Reviewed By ogakyon


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