Top 4 Indian food in Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

October 4, 2019 Carley Gatson

Find out what Indian restaurants to try in Mishima including Taj Mahal, Jeet Indian Restaurant, Indian Restaurant Taj Mahal, Indian Cuisine Delhi Palace
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1. Taj Mahal

4-37-6 Tokura, Mishima 411-0044 Shizuoka Prefecture Indian Lunch, Dinner +81 55-987-9004
Overall Ratings

4 based on 13 reviews

Taj Mahal

Reviewed By Lily W

I don't understand why a previous reviewer thought this restaurant's menu was unsuitable for vegetarians. I'm vegetarian and I found plenty of choices. Maybe they have changed their menu. Anyway, the quality of the lunch was so much better than the usual uninspiring pseudo-Indian food that has become the norm in much of Japan.Recommended!

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2. Jeet Indian Restaurant

4-33 Kotobukimachi, Mishima 411-0039 Shizuoka Prefecture Indian Lunch, Dinner +81 55-972-1955
Overall Ratings

4 based on 11 reviews

Jeet Indian Restaurant

Reviewed By McG_Road_Warrior

I just happened by this place around lunch time and thought I'd give it try. BLOWN AWAY! Seriously, this is probably the 2nd best Indian restaurant I've been to in Japan. Good selection of curries to choose from. Excellent prices. Very nice staff. Decent spice level too. The set lunch and dinner menus are the best deals in the place. It's all you can eat nann as well. The only drawback is they only have 4 curries to choose from when you get the sets. The curries on hand seem to change daily. That being said, I've eaten there twice and got dual curry sets both times; all 4 curries were amazing. I've also tried some of the off menu curries that friends had. I was very satisfied. On other menu items: The tendori chicken is full of taste. It's moist and flavorful.The nann is buttery baked just right. The mango lassi was quite refreshing. The seekh kebab, which I normally don't care for, was quite tasty. The pumpkin curry, was one of the best I've ever had. It's a must order. If you happen to be in Mishima, do yourself a favor and stop here. You won't be sorry. Located on the South side of the station. Staff speaks English and there is English on the menu.

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3. Indian Restaurant Taj Mahal

312-1 Umena, Mishima 411-0816 Shizuoka Prefecture Indian +81 55-982-5950
Indian Restaurant Taj Mahal

Reviewed By iwata13


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4. Indian Cuisine Delhi Palace

12-14 Honcho Koike Bldg., Mishima 411-0855 Shizuoka Prefecture Indian +81 55-971-1680
Overall Ratings

4 based on 7 reviews

Indian Cuisine Delhi Palace

Reviewed By Bhandari S

Last week I have been there for my dinner with some of my Japanese friends. It was superb trip and delightful evening. The whole group enjoyed it. The food of tasty and service was also good. Delhi Palace is the nice place to enjoy real Indian taste. Will visit again and also recommend Indian food lovers to visit once and experience yourself the taste and delicacy.

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