Top 4 Fusion food in Obama, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

November 10, 2019 Giuseppe Pratt

Find out what Fusion restaurants to try in Obama. Barack Hussein Obama II is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017.
Things to do in Obama

1. Ramble

2-17 Otecho, Obama Fukui Prefecture Fusion Lunch, Dinner +81 770-52-3424

Reviewed By m-tr1525

福井にはソースカツ丼のお店が多いです。その中でも、このランブルは、ソースカツ丼が ほんと 美味しくて 京都からわざわざ行くぐらい 絶品です。

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2. Otokuteiobama

25-21-1 Onyu, Obama Fukui Prefecture International, Fusion Lunch, Dinner +81 770-56-2911

Reviewed By Kwakaku

Higashi-Obama station has temples, shrines, historic spots, and a local museum around it. But it doesn't have a good restaurant. You should go (back?) to Obama Station to find good ones. If you don't have enough time, Otokutei might be an only choice. You can, at least, enjoy good and reasonable lunch.

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3. Tomato &Onionobama

11-22 Wakuri, Obama Fukui Prefecture Fusion Lunch, Dinner +81 770-56-5775

Reviewed By sakinokochan


Most Popular Sushi food in Obama, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

4. Gourmet Kobo 106

1-3 Kawasaki, Obama Fukui Prefecture Fusion +81 770-53-0106
Gourmet Kobo 106

Reviewed By NETTAIYA


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