Top 3 Chinese food in Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands

May 29, 2020 Enriqueta Cusson

Best Chinese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Chinese food in Solomon Islands. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Chinese restaurants near you.. Coordinates: 8°S 159°E / 8°S 159°E / -8; 159
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1. Market Street Kitchen

Mendana Avenue Central Plaza, Honiara, Guadalcanal Island 8888 Solomon Islands Fast Food, Healthy, Chinese, American Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Takeout, Seating +(677)7312345
Overall Ratings

4 based on 26 reviews

Market Street Kitchen

Located in Central Honiara right beside the main market, Market Street Kitchen offers a variety of delicious foods ranging from burgers, pizza and pasta, Hong Kong BBQ and Japanese Cuisine. Open 7 days a week with seating capacity of 50-80 people. Caterin

Reviewed By Pamela912

A definite plus to the Honiara morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea scene. Designed as a small food centre with a variety of outlets offering burgers, fried chicken and chips, salads, noodles, asian fare, Italian snacks, pizzas and coffee,cakes and bread rolls. The place is spotlessly clean, well designed, cool and tastefully decorated. Informal with quick service, It is great choice for a quick lunch or a comfortable place to hang out for a coffee..

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2. Golden Crown Restaurant

Mendana Avenue, Honiara, Guadalcanal Island Solomon Islands Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Takeout +677 28181
Overall Ratings

3 based on 19 reviews

Golden Crown Restaurant

Reviewed By DrogueChute

Arriving hungry for dinner as a takeaway, I noticed that there was a monte python atmosphere about the ordering process with the guy rushing away babbling in chinese apparently to see if there was any of the items available. Building works and workers with power saws assisted the 'fine dining' atmosphere. The interior was better than the exterior and it reminded me how nice it was to sit in such a place with a chinese business colleague and get smashed on tumblerfulls of cognac (in Singapore many years ago) After a while all the chat is intelligible and I didn't know I could speak chinese that good! the food was gob-cram not for taste, though substances named 'peking duck', and 'lobster' came and went. So how do you know if you have been overcharged? - the dealer gives you huge smiles and many thanks as he grossly overcharges. Same with this place. Food quite ok but later 'burrpees' told me what it really digested like.

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3. Pavilion Restaurant

Ranandi, Honiara, Guadalcanal Island Solomon Islands Chinese Lunch +677 27895

Reviewed By Phil D

Cheap and cheerful but good quality food. The fish, squid, eggplant and noodles are all brilliant. The decor is dated (common in Honiara) but it is air conditioned and the service is quick and friendly. The family who run the restaurant are delightful and happy to put up with small children.

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