Top 10 Mexican food in Castroville, California, United States

September 4, 2019 Madelene Haan

Find out what Mexican restaurants to try in Castroville. Castroville is a census-designated place (CDP) in Monterey County, California, United States. At the time of the 2010 census the population was 6,481.
Things to do in Castroville

10. Fish and Chips

2010 N Main St, Salinas, CA 93906-1710 Seafood, Mexican, American, Fast Food Reservations +1 831-442-0313
Fish and Chips

Reviewed By Smudge R

Tucked away in Salinas is this gem of an eatery that serves up the most perfect fish and chips ever. They have a great varied menu, but I can never stray away from ordering the fish & chips. This is quality hand-battered fish that is fried perfectly every time i've been here. Service is super fast and friendly. The restrooms are always clean and tidy. One would think that better fish & chips would be found by the coast, i.e., Santa Cruz, but the bonus goes to Salinas. Who knew?

9. Chili's

1940 N Davis Rd, Salinas, CA 93907-2533 Mexican, American Lunch, Dinner +1 831-444-9113
Overall Ratings

3 based on 10 reviews


Near Boronda Road

Reviewed By bwade1234

We went to Chili's on Wed. April 4th -we were on a college visit trip up to northern California- because my daughter wanted Chili's chocolate lava cake for dessert. It was about 8 pm. We waited about 11 minutes to be seated (two people). (They were busy and we later found out that the other side of town had lost power.) We passed a waiter, who paused for us to pass by, and were seated at a two-person booth nearest to the restroom. (That should have been our first clue.) The hostess pointed to the menus and indicated that someone would be right with us. So we looked at the menus and waited for the server. NOTHING! We continued to wait, NOTHING! Not even an acknowledgement that we were there; no one eve came to say something like "we're a little busy" or "please be patient". NOTHING! We put the menus away, started playing with our phones. NOTHING, NO DRINK ORDER, NOTHING. Not even a look towards us.The kicker is that a whole section near the windows, with booths directly across from our table, was being cleaned and cleared by male servers who saw us, but they didn't seem to care. We didn't have silverware so maybe someone thought we were finished. My daughter knows that I can make a big "stink" about service, so she asked me to be patient and wait. So for her, I was patient. Twenty-six minutes later, I timed it, we decided to get up and leave. We eventually went down the street to Applebee's where we were finishing eating our dinners within 26 minutes! Applebee's was busier than Chili's and somehow we were done in less time than the time we had waited at Chili's! I did write to the corporate office for Chili's to let them know that we had been ignored. Honestly, though, what does a person have to do to get waited on? We weren't drunk, rude, loud, or obnoxious; we didn't "stink" and we were dressed appropriately. We (a Mom and her teenage daughter) waited patiently. I just didn't understand how or why they chose to ignore us. I wish we had informed the Marriott, where we had stayed, because we used their interactive mapping and printing to get directions to chili's.

8. El Palmar

3102 Del Monte Blvd, Marina, CA 93933-3049 Mexican, Latin, Spanish Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +1 831-384-3414
Overall Ratings

4 based on 17 reviews

El Palmar

Reviewed By jwanderlust

Food was exceptional. Small, quiet location. Excellent choice since they had specials and total for dinner for 3 was less than $21 including beverages!

7. Sarita's Mexican Food

8075 San Miguel Canyon Rd, Salinas, CA 93907-1245 Mexican Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +1 831-663-0229
Sarita's Mexican Food

Reviewed By RustyWater

My favorite item on the menu is the Big Red Burrito, it is covered with Enchilada sauce and served with rice and re-fried beans. I usually get it filled with carne asada, but it also comes with a filling of shredded beef, chicken or pork. Their Fajitas are also very good The service is friendly and fast, they serve chips and salsa with every meal. Prices are reasonable with great lunch specials. This is one of those little hole in the wall joints that is often overlooked, but I eat here at least once per month.

6. Ay Caramba Real Mexican Food

17575 Vierra Canyon Rd, Prunedale, CA 93907-3311 Mexican +1 831-663-9330

Reviewed By IMIUBU2

We love this place. We tried it out the first time and had enchiladas Suizas. I liked them so much that o went back again jus for them. Last time we tried a new dish for us a hot bowl of mixed meats, chile, and nopales. Fantástico. They have sopes, which are hard to find and lots of other platos. The service was terrific. So glad Prunedale has a quality Mexican restaurant.

5. Sarita's Mexican Restaurant

342 Reservation Rd, Marina, CA 93933-3264 Mexican Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Seating, Table Service +1 831-384-1318
Overall Ratings

4 based on 36 reviews

Sarita's Mexican Restaurant

Reviewed By Kathryn O

I have eaten at this restaurant now at least fifteen times. Having grown up in California, we are spoiled as good Mexican food is easy to find; however, to find high quality exceptional food that is consistent can be a bit more challenging.Two nights ago we ate at Saritas and I had to stop, put down my fork and walk into the kitchen to tell the chef, that without question he had taken Mexican food to the next level! My mouth was savoring the fresh ingredients and the way each flavor blended into the next. I had the vegetarian cheese and poblano tamales with their delicious rice and beans. It was a 15 on a scale of one to ten. Normally I eat the vegetarian tortilla soup and request some slices of avacado that just take it to the next level. All I can say is go! The only negative is that they do not have a heating system so dress warmly...but well worth it. The waitresses are super sweet also. Tip them well they work their tails off and deserve it!

4. Michael's Grill and Taqueria

265 Reservation Rd Ste I, Marina, CA 93933-3182 Mexican, Latin, Spanish Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 831-884-2568
Overall Ratings

4 based on 37 reviews

Michael's Grill and Taqueria

Reviewed By 2stepRich

It was late, and these guys were open. A 'taquiera' the sign said. We walked in and the music and ambiance said, yes taqueria it is! The menu is plastered on the wall. We ordered the fajita blackened chicken combo, some table wine, paid up, got our nachos and number and settled at a two seater table. But the take-out traffic told us that this place is popular for the locals, and we are pleased! The food tastes good, it was sumptuous, overall a nice taqueria experience! I recommend this place!

3. Deliciosos Tacos Castroville

11576 Merritt St, Castroville, CA 95012-3023 Mexican +1 831-632-0386

Reviewed By Yosemitesteve

Stopped here on a Sunday on the way home and was pleasantly suprised.The place isn't much to look at but don't let that detour you from enjoying some good food.Living in central California we have some good taco trucks and taqiurias,but this surpassed most of them!!!!

2. Haute Enchilada

7902 Moss Landing Rd, Moss Landing, CA 95039-9657 Mexican Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking Available, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Accepts American Express, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Free Wifi, Takeout, Reservations, Accepts Cre [email protected] +1 831-633-5843
Overall Ratings

4 based on 285 reviews

Haute Enchilada

Latin fusion, vegetarian and vegan options. Sustainable seafood, all natural beef, pork, organic free range poultry. Live entertainment, venue for large private parties with wheel chair access.

Reviewed By Chiefbuff

This is an eclectic “artsy” kind of place which is kind of neat. Menu selection leaned more towards Mexican dishes with some seafood thrown in. Food was very good, a little pricey we thought but good quality. Nice dog menu and the dogs give it a “paws” up. Service was good and all in all a unique place to stop and eat.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Castroville, United States

1. Alfonso's Authentic Mexican

11252 Merritt St, Castroville, CA 95012-3420 Mexican Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Brunch Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service +1 831-633-5572
Overall Ratings

4 based on 36 reviews

Alfonso's Authentic Mexican

Reviewed By greenthumbCalifornia

Stopped here on the way to Carmel for a quick bite. We were pleasantly surprised. Great service and tasty food. It is a small place located across from the Giant Artichoke.It looked as if all the local farmers frequent this place. We ate Lunch specials which included the chili relleno plate and the steak and grilled chicken wet burritos. Good and spicy and plenty to eat.

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