Top 10 Chinese food in Yongjia County, Zhejiang, China

September 1, 2019 Russell Mellin

Find out what Chinese restaurants to try in Yongjia County. Yongjia County (simplified Chinese: 永嘉县; traditional Chinese: 永嘉縣; pinyin: Yǒngjiā Xiàn; Wenzhou dialect: yonko yu ion ko) is a county in Wenzhou in the southeast of Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China, located 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) north of the city proper of Wenzhou city, which administers the county. The Nanxi River Scenic Area is located within this county, and the river has been nominated on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Things to do in Yongjia County

10. TengQiao XunJi (WenZhou WenDi Road)

Xia Lu Pu Wen Di Lu 218Hao, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 8862 7778

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9. DongShan Seafood

LuCheng District GuoJing Main Road, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 5577 7777

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还是蛮适合请朋友好友 家庭聚餐的,价格属于海鲜楼类中等消费,我坐的是二楼包厢,整体服务员还很勤快的,味道也不错哦

8. Yao LaoBo SuanCai Yu Guan

MaAn Chi West Road 254-1, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 8851 9666
Yao LaoBo SuanCai Yu Guan

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Yongjia County Food Guide: 10 Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Yongjia County

7. Yong Tang RongHe Restaurant (MaAn Chi East Road)

MaAn Chi East Road 278, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 8886 1997

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Top 10 Things to do in Yongjia County, China

6. Yi Xiang Ting Restaurant

RenMin East Road GuoXin Mansion 2 Floor, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 8881 9888

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Top 8 Seafood food in Yongjia County, Zhejiang, China

5. Gang Yun Ge Restaurant

OuZhou Cheng b District 1 Floor 52-54, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 5557 5558

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4. Tian YiJiao (XueYuan)

XueYuan Middle Road 9, Wenzhou China Chinese Lunch +86 577 8815 8888
Tian YiJiao (XueYuan)

Reviewed By Hanxiao Y

Corner of The Day is a restaurant located in XueYuan Middle Road 9, in Wenzhou. The restaurant is known by providing various famous Wenzhou’s special snacks, and it is popular with the traditional flavor and good taste of the food. It is an enjoyable experience that I came to have a meal in the Corner of The Day. The restaurant has spacious layout and a neat and tidy environment. The light inside is bright and warm, with the basic tone of white and red and several traditional decorative elements, the atmosphere here is very lively and comfortable. But what attracts me most in this restaurant is its food. There are many local special snacks that worth trying. It is a nice choice to try the “fish pitch soup” which is a famous dish in Wenzhou. The fish pitch is made by fish meat paste and starch. It keeps the freshness of the fish, and also makes it chewy and more delicious. I also like the deep-fried turnip pastry. It is a kind of pastry with bright yellow color and has turnip strip inside. With its appearance this pastry is also called “lamps cake” by local people. In addition, there are also many other special snacks such as lard rice cake, wonton, poria cocos jelly, all of them have good taste and special flavor. The service there is also pretty good. All the waiters are enthusiastic and introduce food to customers very patiently. I think it is really a good place to eat local special snacks and also to feel its traditional flavor and atmosphere.

Where to eat Korean food in Yongjia County: The Best Restaurants and Bars

3. Tian YiJiao (Wu MaJie)

WuMa Street WuMa Shopping Center m Floor, Wenzhou China Chinese Dinner +86 577 8825 8686
Overall Ratings

4 based on 10 reviews

Tian YiJiao (Wu MaJie)

Reviewed By 116Hermione_

First, I choose a platform called for a restaurant. This website is the largest and most popular tourist community in the world. It is also the first travel review website in world. On this website there are many restaurants in Wenzhou we can have a try and give review.Second, I choose a restaurant called Corner Of Days on Five Ma Street. Third, there are 6 reviews from this platform. Three of them give five stars which means they are totally feel satisfied with this experience. The other three give four stars which means they feel good about the restaurant. Their criteria are value, atmosphere, service and food. I think it’s reasonable. As a restaurant, it’s important to consider the food taste, the atmosphere, the service of the waiter and whether it’s worthy.Forth, as for me, I will consider the food taste, the service, the cost, the traffic which means whether it’s convenient to get there and the atmosphere like whether it’s noisy or the cleanliness of the restaurant. The platform uses stars as their rating system. Five starts is the highest which means excellent, all my criteria are satisfied. I want to there again. Four stars means very good, but one of my criteria needs to be improved. Three stars means average, I can’t find anything makes me feel great but I can still bear it. I will not go back. Two stars means poor. Over two of my criteria are not satisfied me. One star means terrible, I will never go back. I feel regret to go there.Sixth, I give 5stars for food, four stars for service, five for value and three for atmosphere. Seventh, when I get into the restaurant, I see the food modest is all posted on a long table. Many cooks are cooking dishes in each room with an open window, so you can see the whole process of each dish cooked by them. What you need to do is to see what kind of food you want and just tell the waiter. This special way for ordering meal makes me feel convenient because I can see what each dish looks like instead from a picture. Then I just wait with my friend for the dishes. The service is good but the waiters just come when you call them. If they come to remove the plates, I will give five starts for service part. The dishes are very delicious, we have many Wenzhou local foods like Dengzhao Cake, Zhuzang Noodles and Steamed Buns. I recommend the Steamed Buns for other readers. Each one of the Buns is full of soup and hot minced pork inside. You can have it with some vinegar. It’s a good place for customers to try all Wenzhou Snack and do not cost much. The value is worthy. However, I don’t like the atmosphere in this restaurant. Because of showing the process of cooking, it’s too noisy and crowded in the hall. The sound of making food and the noise from other customer trouble me. I prefer a quiet environment to enjoy my meal. By the way, the cleanliness is good.

Most Popular Asian food in Yongjia County, Zhejiang, China

2. MiaoJia ShanZhai (WangJiang East Road)

WangJiang East Road 18, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 8819 5189

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鱼做的不错 整体也不错 菜色挺多样的 有点辣 当然看你点什么菜了 桥头的苗家山寨也不错 服务员有点不好 很有特色的餐馆 也有很多连锁 味道应该都一样吧

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1. LiuJia XiangLa Guan (JiangBin)

WangJiang East Road, GangWu Building 1 Floor, Wenzhou China Chinese +86 577 8818 5151

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