Top 10 Chinese food in Qingzhen, Guizhou, China

May 18, 2021 Darwin Bolte

Discover Restaurants offering the best Chinese food in Qingzhen, Guizhou, China including GuiYang KaiBinSiJi Restaurant YuanSu Western Restaurant, Lao Kai Li SuanTang Yu (ShengFu), Liang Huan Zhai (FeiShanJie), Yang YiMa SiWaWa (FeiShanJie), Lao KaiLi SuanTang Yu (Hong TongCheng), HuaXi Wang Ji Niu RouFen (DouSi Road), Nadu Spicy Pot (Xin HuaDou), Si ZhiWei SuanTang SiWaWa, BeiJing Dumpling (Zhong Shandong Road), Dong Jia Shi Fu (Bei Jing Road)
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10. Dong Jia Shi Fu (Bei Jing Road)

42 Beijing Lu, Guiyang China Chinese +86 851 650 7186

Reviewed By MissHK2009

I came for the Sour Fish Soup which seems to be famous in Guiyang. The outside of this restaurant looks so decent so I gave it a try. I ordered a hotpot of "Sour Fish Soup". Quite expensive nearly RMB100. There were about 4 fish in the pot, quality and taste so so. I only took a few sips of the soup, really sour and not tasty. Not my cup of tea. Staff nice and ok. For the ambience, quite many customers smoked. Not surprising as it's China! It's pity that the smokers often smoked even in front of children and babies Overall not a very good experience.

9. BeiJing Dumpling (Zhong Shandong Road)

YunYanQu ZhongShan DongLu, Guiyang China Chinese +86 851 821 7160

Reviewed By ryan278125


8. Si ZhiWei SuanTang SiWaWa

Opposite to the Yunyan Square, Zhonghua North Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang 550001 China Chinese +86 851 680 0108

Reviewed By Sunshine622432

쓰와와라고 하는 것은 귀주지역 쌈을 말합니다.여행객에는 꼭 한번 추천합니다.여러가지 야채와 소스를 버무려서 싸서 먹습니다.꼭 한번 가보세요.

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7. Nadu Spicy Pot (Xin HuaDou)

YunYan District Fu Shui North Road, Xin HuaDu 1 Floor, Guiyang China Chinese +86 851 541 3786

Reviewed By ryan278125

食材很豐富,很乾淨,搭配著米飯吃,能吃很多,還送了蝦片,微辣的不錯.推薦菜雞皮 鵪鶉蛋 五花肉 千葉豆腐 土豆 板筋 白魔芋絲

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6. HuaXi Wang Ji Niu RouFen (DouSi Road)

Du Si Road, Guiyang China Chinese +86 851 584 3292

Reviewed By ryan278125

贵阳美食的一大代表,去吃要避开饭点,因为人太多.推薦菜紅燒牛肉粉 牛肚粉 鹵豆腐乾 肉餅 紅糖糍粑 清湯牛肉粉 牛肉粉全家福

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5. Lao KaiLi SuanTang Yu (Hong TongCheng)

Sha Chong Lu Hong TongCheng 2Lou, Guiyang China Chinese +86 851 589 1717
Lao KaiLi SuanTang Yu (Hong TongCheng)

Reviewed By ryan278125


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4. Yang YiMa SiWaWa (FeiShanJie)

YunYanQu Fei Shan Jie 214-2 Hao, Guiyang China Chinese +86 851 528 9558

Reviewed By gyfandzd


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3. Liang Huan Zhai (FeiShanJie)

Fei Shan Jie Jin Fei Shan HengJie Jin GongShangYinXing, Guiyang China Chinese +86 851 528 8998

Reviewed By StephaneP156

Excellent restaurant, nice show with dancers en singers, and nice atmosphere with all traditionnals Miao singers who come to your table to sing for you and make you drink chinese spirits. Very nice evening

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2. Lao Kai Li SuanTang Yu (ShengFu)

ShengFu Road 55, Guiyang China Chinese, Seafood +86 851 584 3665

Reviewed By thesmdm

Dined here with friends, had quiet table in the corner, so not noisy and easy to talk amongst friends. We had an assortment of meat in the hot pot plus lots of vegetables. Beef was very good. Price mid range.

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1. GuiYang KaiBinSiJi Restaurant YuanSu Western Restaurant

2F Kempinski Hotel, No.68 Huguo Road, Guiyang 550002 China Chinese, International Reservations, Buffet +86 851 599 9999
Overall Ratings

4 based on 26 reviews

Reviewed By Caniza

There is so much choice at this all you can eat buffet that there is definitely something for everyone and of all ages over several food genres. Great sushi, soups, Italian, Chinese, grill, salads fish, meats, vegetables.. And the list goes on. Service is quick, attentive and friendly. You could eat here every night of your stay at the hotel and not be bored. My only complaint would be the white wine included with the meal was not very good. Otherwise very well done.

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