The best available hotels & places to stay near Ozurgeti

February 15, 2023 Hana Mouser

Discover the best hotels in Ozurgeti, Guria Region including Hotel Brooks, Kottiedzh Yucca, Guest House Terrace, Acacia Guest House, Hotel Michel, Guest House Guriis Khibli.

1. Hotel Brooks

Guria Street 17, Ozurgeti 3500 Georgia
Overall Ratings

5 based on 1 reviews

Hotel Brooks

Very comfortable at a low price

Reviewed By roberthW1729ZR

This is just a small town hotel. My room was very large with excellent WiFi and hot water and a beautiful view out my window of snow covered mountains. They don’t really have a reception on duty, at least not during the off season. But if you arrive at the building, the people at the shop below will call the owner to come and let you in. I was very comfortable.

2. Kottiedzh Yucca

Shekvetili 506, Ozurgeti 3509 Georgia
Kottiedzh Yucca

3. Guest House Terrace

Chavchavadze Street 14, Ozurgeti 3500 Georgia
Guest House Terrace

4. Acacia Guest House

Chavchavadze Street 2, Ozurgeti 1245 Georgia
Acacia Guest House

5. Hotel Michel

Shek’vetili Black Sea Arena -s Mop’irdap’ire Sanap’iro, Ozurgeti 3500 Georgia
Hotel Michel

6. Guest House Guriis Khibli

Village Dvabzu, 5 km from Ozurgeti, Ozurgeti 3509 Georgia
Guest House Guriis Khibli

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