The 6 Best Churches & Cathedrals in Livadia, Central Greece

June 18, 2021 Vergie Nakamoto

Discover the best top things to do in Livadia, Greece including Holy Temple of Agia Anna, Church of Saint Sophia, Church of Saint Nicola, Mitropoli Libadias, Ierousalim, Agios Giorgios.
Restaurants in Livadia

1. Holy Temple of Agia Anna

Livadia Greece

2. Church of Saint Sophia

Frouriou 50, Livadia 32100 Greece

3. Church of Saint Nicola

-3, Massaveta 1, Livadia Greece

4. Mitropoli Libadias

Eth Antistasis, Livadia Greece

5. Ierousalim

Elikonos, Livadia 321 00 Greece

6. Agios Giorgios

Tzoumagias, Livadia Greece

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