Things To Do in Cala Goloritze, Restaurants in Cala Goloritze

  • Top 10 Things to do in Sardinia, Italy

    The second-largest island in Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia serves up a lovely blend of sea, sand and history. Thousands of nuraghe (stone buildings) dot the landscape, proof that people have been enjoying the lovely climate here for millennia. From posh Costa Smerelda in the north to medieval Alghero in the northwest to the lively capital of Cagliari in the south, and with many picturesque towns and unspoiled sandy beaches in between, Sardinia’s got a little something for everyone.

  • 10 Things to Do in Province of Ogliastra That You Shouldn't Miss

    The province of Ogliastra (Italian: provincia dell'Ogliastra [proˈvintʃa delloʎˈʎastra], Sardinian: provìntzia de s'Ogiastra) was a province in eastern Sardinia, Italy. Ogliastra was the most mountainous province in Sardinia. With only some 57,642 inhabitants, it was also the least populous province of Italy. The province had a population density of 31.08 inhabitants per square kilometer and the president of the province was Bruno Pilia. It corresponded roughly to the medieval Giudicato of Agugliastra. The province of Ogliastra contained 23 comuni (plural; singular: comune), see the list of communes of the Province of Ogliastra.

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