Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam Food Guide: 8 Vietnamese food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Quang Ngai

August 31, 2019 Janette Largent

Best Vietnamese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Vietnamese food in Quang Ngai. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Vietnamese restaurants near you.. Quảng Ngãi ( listen) is a city in central Vietnam. It is the township of Quảng Ngãi Province. Quảng Ngãi City borders Tư Nghĩa District on the south, west and east and borders Sơn Tịnh District on the north. It has an area of 37.12 km² and population of 119,251 inhabitants.
Things to do in Quang Ngai

8. Light Star Restaurant

01 Ngo Si Lien, Quang Ngai Vietnam Vietnamese +84 91 455 73 57 https://www.facebook.com/Restaurant-LIGHT-STAR-1997904470471093/
Light Star Restaurant

7. Quan Ngon

Lot E13.5 Truong Quang Can 2 Ngoc Bao Vien, Quang Ngai Vietnam Vietnamese [email protected] +84 255 3720 678 https://www.facebook.com/qngon

6. Vinh Restaurant

34 Huong Vuong, Quang Ngai Vietnam Vietnamese

5. Thu Bup Mi Quang

234 Hung Vuong Tran Phu, Quang Ngai Vietnam Vietnamese +84 255 3818 680

Reviewed By Katty0311

Mình sinh ra và lớn lên ở Quảng Ngãi nhưng chưa bao giờ thấy một quán ăn nào như vậy. Giá cả quá cao cho một bát mì quảng - một món ăn hết sức phổ biến tại đất Quảng. Không những thế thức ăn lại rất tệ, không thể nào nuốt nổi. Không thể chấp nhận được một quán ăn lớn như vậy mà lại phục vụ món ăn tệ đến thế.

4. Com Nieu Hoa Sua

28 Nguyen Khuyen, Tran Phu Ward, Quang Ngai 52000 Vietnam Vietnamese +84 55 3817 799
Com Nieu Hoa Sua

Reviewed By JHNB1

This restaurant is away from the centre but well worth a visit. The roasted chicken was one of the best we have tasted in Voetnam; the baked rice in bowls excellent, pork ribs spot on and okra cooked to perfection. The interior is not so appealing but we were here for the eats. Excellent and recommended.

3. Quan an Co Hanh

29 Pham Xuan Hoa, Quang Ngai Vietnam Vietnamese Dinner +84 167 891 6386
Quan an Co Hanh

A local food place where you can enjoy traditional Rice Noodle with Grilled Meat. A very friendly atmosphere and welcoming to all guests. Be sure to visit when you pass by Quang Ngai Province!

Reviewed By Do Cong T

When I was on a trip to Quang Ngai, I was amazed by how delicious the food is. With very affordable price (less than 30.000 VND per meal), you can enjoy a lot of local food here. Following are their special:- Rice noodle with grilled meat- Special kind of rice noodle with grilled meat.The owner said that the ingredients were fresh, and the garlic was from Ly Son, considered the best place for garlic in Vietnam, which is famous for its tastes and smell.

2. Nhung 2 Com Ga

136A Phan Dinh Phung, Quang Ngai 52000 Vietnam Vietnamese Dinner Seating +84 90 510 01 13
Nhung 2 Com Ga

Reviewed By Sven M

The food is average but the place is interesting: huge ceilings and a bunch of staff and customers. It's definitely good for people-watching ... food is 30,000VND and it is really only so-so. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to eat there ... but I'm not saying it's bad ...

1. Viet Chay Sala

83 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Quang Ngai 52000 Vietnam Asian, Vietnamese Lunch, Dinner Seating, Reservations, Table Service +84 91 496 44 11
Overall Ratings

4 based on 24 reviews

Viet Chay Sala

Reviewed By Sven M

Good vegetarian food in a pleasant atmosphere. Hidden gem. I found my wife there, btw ... no kidding ... I went there very day for about 5 months, until she stopped working there and the school I work at moved to a different location ... interesting vegetarian dishes. Good. Highly recommended.

Where to Eat in Quang Ngai: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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