Pirkanmaa, Finland Food Guide: 9 Cafe food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Nokia

May 28, 2020 Velvet Mowry

Reviews on Cafe food in Nokia, Pirkanmaa, Finland including Cafe Hinttala, Cafe Pispala, Linkosuo Westeri, Lounaskahvila Konditoria Mainio Oy, Amurin helmi kahvila, Brander Cafe, Uittotunnelin Kahvila, Bistro Venla, Pizpala
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9. Pizpala

Pispalan valtatie 28, Tampere 33250 Finland Cafe, Barbecue Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +358 3 2127795 http://pizpala.fi

Reviewed By Mervi B

This place is great, almost always open and serving great "fast" food at all times. Here you get juicy burgers, wings, sausages and salads - especially tasty are the sweet potato fries. Including a small shop, this is a great place for a pit-stop. Decent prices and friendly service.Pizpala tarjoilee tunnollisesti herkullisia hamppareita ja muuta grilliruokaa, erityisesti tykästyin herkullisiin bataattiranskiksiin. Eri mukava palvelu kaupan päälle!

8. Bistro Venla

Kauppakatu 6, Tampere 33210 Finland Cafe, European Lunch, Brunch Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +358 3 5832125505 http://www.bistrovenla.com/
Overall Ratings

4 based on 40 reviews

Bistro Venla

Reviewed By ElenaO1738

Wanted to have something small to eat and glass of wine. Bistro Venla was excellent choice for that. They have antipastiplate with different kind of cheeses and other stuff. Even champagne!Decoration was French style but modern.Atmosphere was nice. Customers were mainly females.They also coffee and homemadecakes etc.

7. Uittotunnelin Kahvila

Paasikiventie 38, Tampere 33270 Finland Cafe [email protected] http://www.kahvilaepila.com/uittotunneli_kahvila.html
Uittotunnelin Kahvila

Reviewed By Heli55Finland

Very cozy cafe next to Näsijärvi to have a cup of coffee with fresh and hot pancakes. Outdoor terrace.

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6. Brander Cafe

Lielahtikeskus, 1. kerros Teivaankatu 1, Tampere 33400 Finland Cafe http://brander.fi/kahvila-konditoria/
Brander Cafe

Reviewed By Craic29

I've been coming to Finland for years, love this country, but why they seem to live off sausages and donuts I just don't understand. For years we have tried finding a place that was reasonably priced, good quality and tasted good (Finns are only just learning about seasoning)...Last year we discovered this little cafe in a shopping precinct (lots of benefits, free underground parking, quality shops, clean toilets!!!), though I had to point out the dirty floors in the mall where furniture hadn't been moved... They've solved that problem this year - I checked This year.... Well, this year you can't keep me away! The cafe is a franchise of a make called Brander (they're locally respected for amazing cakes), but this year it's been bought over by Jana. She has just introduced her own home made lunches, we had the meatballs (with amazing mash, veges, gravy, side salad, bread, and coffee) for €8.50. We've had the MOST MELT IN THE MOUTH smoked salmon that Jana smokes herself and piles on the portions. Always a bargain soup and bread if you aren't so hungry!This is now where we meet family and friends, as well as having a pit stop from the weekly shop. Well worth a friendly visit! She'll even do some home catering if you give her a call! Oh and Jana speaks English! Always a bonus when you're a traveller like me

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5. Amurin helmi kahvila

Satakunnankatu 49, Tampere 33230 Finland Cafe, European, Scandinavian Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch Takeout, Seating +358 3 56566690 http://www.museokortteli.fi/en/kahvila
Overall Ratings

4 based on 58 reviews

Amurin helmi kahvila

Reviewed By MC0777

This is the one cafeteria to visit, if you want to feel old Tampere. The place is located next to Amuri Museum of Workers, which is open from 9th of May until 10th of September. The cafeteria is open every day during the whole year.

Pirkanmaa, Finland Food Guide: 10 European food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Nokia

4. Lounaskahvila Konditoria Mainio Oy

Possijarvenkatu 3, Tampere 33400 Finland Cafe [email protected] +358 3 3444244 https://www.facebook.com/Lounaskahvila-Konditoria-Mainio-1080442858642080/

Reviewed By pepics

This is what cafe&conditorias are or were usually in Finland. Not fancy but you can get decent coffee and fresh buns. Here you can have lunch as well. The service is very relaxed and friendly.

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3. Linkosuo Westeri

Tesomankatu 4, Tampere 33310 Finland Bar, Cafe, European, Pub, Diner, Eastern European [email protected] +358 20 7702495 https://www.linkosuo.fi/toimipaikat/cafe-linkosuo-westeri
Linkosuo Westeri

Reviewed By CessieLife

Как всегда здесь все отлично, блюда и обслуживание -все в норме.Для завтрака место отличное, но от центра 20 мин . прекрасное место для жителей района.

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2. Cafe Pispala

Pispankatu 30, Tampere 33240 Finland Cafe, European Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Outdoor Seating, Seating, Highchairs Available, Table Service, Takeout, Reservations, Serves Alcohol [email protected] +358 40 7011603 http://www.ohanarestaurants.com/cafe-pispala
Overall Ratings

4 based on 106 reviews

Cafe Pispala

Reviewed By orange6traveller

Nice weekend trip in beautiful Pispala area. Brunch menu had nice options and we chose Continental and Whole works. Portions were big enough and style american, for example very tasty pancakes and scones with butter. Service was friendly and efficient.

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1. Cafe Hinttala

Nokianvaltatie 5, Nokia 37100 Finland Cafe, European [email protected] +358 45 2242204
Cafe Hinttala

Reviewed By jakelainen

Very quaint cafe with a lovely personal feel. Polite staff, good pastry/cake selection considering the small size of the place.Added bonus was my visit was the first date of a now amazing relationship

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