Most Popular Sushi food in Nanbu-cho, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

November 17, 2020 Frederic Celentano

Reviews on Sushi food in Nanbu-cho, Aomori Prefecture, Japan including Haruka, Sushi Ichi, Shunna Sushidokoro Kiraku, Hasshoku Ichibazushi, Fujinoya, Seto Sushi Hasshoku Center Branch, Kozosushi Nejiyoten, Seiroku Sushi, Sapporo Kaisenmaru Nejo
Things to do in Nanbu-cho

9. Sapporo Kaisenmaru Nejo

3-22-16 Nejo, Hachinohe 039-1166 Aomori Prefecture Sushi +81 178-80-7880

Reviewed By maruanndotakkunn


8. Seiroku Sushi

1-32-10 Nejo, Hachinohe Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 178-44-7951
Seiroku Sushi

Reviewed By Journey810841


7. Kozosushi Nejiyoten

6-2-9 Nejo, Hachinohe 039-1166 Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 178-46-2393

Reviewed By maruanndotakkunn


6. Seto Sushi Hasshoku Center Branch

17-4 Kawaragi Jishinsai, Hachinohe 039-1161 Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 178-28-9300
Overall Ratings

4 based on 8 reviews

Seto Sushi Hasshoku Center Branch

Reviewed By IsabelTPE


5. Fujinoya

7-1-16 Nejo, Hachinohe Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 178-43-6019

Reviewed By Ambassador804419


4. Hasshoku Ichibazushi

22-2 Kawaragi Kansai, Hachinohe 039-1161 Aomori Prefecture Sushi, Japanese, Seafood Lunch +81 178-21-1844
Overall Ratings

3 based on 43 reviews

Hasshoku Ichibazushi

Reviewed By braybrigade

A bit pricier than my usual sushi spots, but certainly fresher as well. An English menu is available, and the belt was fully stocked when I went mid-afternoon. The total adds up pretty quickly when the good stuff is ¥400+ a plate - but it’s worth a splurge! The scallops were especially tasty.

3. Shunna Sushidokoro Kiraku

1-3-13 Ichibancho 2f, Hachinohe 039-1102 Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Dinner +81 178-27-7736
Overall Ratings

4 based on 14 reviews

Shunna Sushidokoro Kiraku

Reviewed By EmiliaStockholm

We stayed in Hachinohe for one night to go to the Nebuta matsuri on our way up to Sapporo in august. Decided to randomly try a restaurant close to our hotel. This place is very near/opposite of the Hachinohe shinkansen station and it´s a really good restaurant. Staff & chef were very nice and friendly, genuinly lovely. Food was amazing. We tried the sushiset with Uni and soon ordered another one, so delicious! Fish was extremely fresh and tasty as one would expect in this region. Other dishes were excellent too, and they were helpful in pairing the food with really good local saké. Prices were very reasonable. In fact we loved this place so much that we were planning to stop in Hachinohe on the roundtrip just to eat here again. But while in Sapporo we decided to take a ferry home instead. I look forward to visiting here again in the future though!

2. Sushi Ichi

1-1 Shiriuchimachi Tateda 3F Hotel Mets Hachinohe, Hachinohe 039-1101 Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Lunch, Dinner +81 178-70-7103
Overall Ratings

4 based on 21 reviews

Sushi Ichi

Reviewed By Keats1

Had lunch here on 4/22/17. Table for 4 next to the conveyor. Table had a jar of new chop sticks to use and hot water on tap for the green tea. The menu is available in English. Each plate costs about $1.00 (100 yen Approx) and you simply take the plate from the conveyor as it passes by. Whe you finish with the plate, you slide it into a slot on the end of the table and it gets counted toward the bill. If you want something specific, you order via a computer at the table and the dish comes to your table on another conveyor just above the first one. That dish will stop next to you till you pick it up. Asahi Beer is available in bottles for $5.00 - 20 oz or on tap at a dispenser next to the cooler for the same price. You put a glass on the device and it tips it at an angle and fills it from a spout then tops it off with a head of foam. Each time you slide 5 dishes into the return slot, the table side computer plays a game with you and you may win a small prize. Lunch for 4 of us including the three beers came to $50.00 and remember, no tipping.The food was really good. Very fresh and presented well. I'd go back there if I ever get back to Japan. Worth the trip..

1. Haruka

52 Aza Jinmei Shimogawara Oaza Tomabechi, Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 178-84-3984

Reviewed By may606


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