Most Popular Seafood food in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

October 3, 2019 Kaleigh Reichenbach

Best Seafood restaurants nearby. Discover the best Seafood food in Banyuwangi. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Seafood restaurants near you. including Warung Biru, Kedai Bandeng Panorama, Jaran Goyang, Ikan Bakar Pesona, Seafood Sobo Resto, Kolamkita Ponds & Resto, Pondok Ikan Bakar Selera, Aamdani Restaurant, Kedai Ikan Bakar Panorama Pantai Boom, RM Bajak Laut
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10. RM Bajak Laut

Jln. Jendral Ahmad Yani no. 65, Banyuwangi 68416 Indonesia Seafood +62 822-3451-4897
RM Bajak Laut

Reviewed By elbicnivni

This restaurant is situated in the roadside of Ahmad Yani, one of the main road of Banyuwangi. That makes this place is easily accessible. Good outdoor space, has parking lot for 5-10 cars, if you want to hold a business meeting, this place is recommended.But the menus are so-so. Not too tasty, more expensive than the other restaurant. I was came several times and noticed that they don't have much of steak now. Back then, the waitress asked me about how would I like my steak done. Now they don't ask anymore, looks like if you order something about meat they can only serve you crispy steak.

9. Kedai Ikan Bakar Panorama Pantai Boom

Food Court Marina Beach Kampungmandar, Banyuwangi 68419 Indonesia Seafood, Barbecue, Asian, Grill, Healthy, Indonesian +62 823-3595-1970
Kedai Ikan Bakar Panorama Pantai Boom

Reviewed By Eri A

saat berkunjung ke pantai boom, terdapat area foodcourt yang lumayan besar. namun karena proses pembangunan pantai marina sedang berlangsung, resto ditempat ini terlihat kurang rapih. makanan yang disediakan umumnya adalah seafood. ikan bakar disini lumayan enak, namun karena cuaca lumayan panas dekat pantai, jadi harus bersedia menikmati makanannya dengan cucuran keringat.

8. Aamdani Restaurant

Jln. Yos Sudarso 52, Banyuwangi 68421 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian, Chinese, Seafood Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations +62 823-5917-0107
Overall Ratings

3 based on 26 reviews

Aamdani Restaurant

Reviewed By Monique M

One of the best hang out place in banyuwangi. They serve more choices for food, beverage and snack. I've tried kind of their steak and for me this the best...small portion and aunthentic sauce..chinese food, seafood and western food are all nice. This resto is coziest place in banyuwangi...

7. Pondok Ikan Bakar Selera

Jl PB Sudirman 119 Jajag, Banyuwangi Indonesia Seafood Lunch, Dinner
Overall Ratings

4 based on 15 reviews

Pondok Ikan Bakar Selera

Reviewed By purpleon

Had some chinese food and grilled fish, their chinese food is better than the grill fish.There's a VIP room inside with karaoke machine for small function, approx. 30 pax.

Top 10 restaurants in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

6. Kolamkita Ponds & Resto

Jl. Banjarsari Glagah No 9, Banyuwangi 68432 Indonesia Seafood, Fast Food, Deli, Grill, Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks Seating, Table Service [email protected] +62 812-3263-9689
Kolamkita Ponds & Resto

Feel the unforgettable experience of fishing and culinary. We are the best ponds and resto in banyuwangi east java. You can feel the excitement of fishing, you can ask our chef to cook the fresh fish if you want to.

Reviewed By adjigun2

When i went to Banyuwangi and plan to go to Jagier Waterfall at Eid Fitri 2nd day, this resto was opened (almost resto were closed at this day), so we had lunch here.We were on the waiting list to get our table, meanwhile we were waiting for it, we can try to fishing at the pound. So interesting!The food is on reasonable price and the service time quiet fast.The speciality here about gurami and ayam goreng. The sambal is very spicy and we like it.Oh i almost forget, at the cashier spot, they sell traditional snack are called LEPET & CLOROT. Please try them because they are very rare traditional snack those we can find at.

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5. Seafood Sobo Resto

Jl. Kepiting No.90xx, Tukangkayu, Banyuwangi 68416 Indonesia Cafe, Seafood, Asian, Grill, Healthy, Indonesian Breakfast, Brunch, Drinks, Lunch, Dinner Free Wifi, Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Buffet, Seating, Parking Available, Street Parking, Television, Digital Payments [email protected] +62 823-3168-0237
Overall Ratings

4 based on 29 reviews

Seafood Sobo Resto

Kami menyajikan berbagai macam hidangan dari masakan olahan aneka Seafood, menu makanan khas Nusantara serta tidak ketinggalan kami juga menyediakan aneka menu Chinese Foods.

Reviewed By Thomas P

Decent Indonesian resto with plenty of parking. We ordered crab, squid, muscles, two vegetable dishes, rice, two coconuts and a sirsak juice. Only 231,000Rp!Can't beat that for value.

Where to eat Indonesian food in Banyuwangi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

4. Ikan Bakar Pesona

Jln. Ikan Paus no 1 Perum Griya Pesona, Banyuwangi 68411 Indonesia Seafood, Indonesian, Asian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Table Service +62 333 416887
Overall Ratings

4 based on 57 reviews

Ikan Bakar Pesona

Reviewed By ShientaGregory

Went for lunch with my Wife to the new location on Jl. Yos Sudarso. Restaurant was not open until 1 p.m. It had a very strong fish smell and house flies were plenty. Staff serving us was helpful and friendly. The other staff chatted with loud noise. Had to wait quite some time for the food to be served. Barbecued fish was average in taste, but fish soup was excellent. Not up to the name of this restaurant "PESONA" which means charming.

Top 5 Grill food in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

3. Jaran Goyang

Jalan Kolonel Sugiono No. 91 Kertosari - Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi 68418 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian, Seafood Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service +62 812-9463-7696
Overall Ratings

4 based on 49 reviews

Jaran Goyang

Reviewed By arah_hadi

After riding without lunch from Jember, I think it’s worth it. The price is suitable, the taste is really not disappointing and the service is really warm. The restaurant itself is built in great ambiance. The only problem probably is the parking lot. Other than that, I will be happy to come back. terima kasih sudah berkunjung ya, kami tunggu kedatangannya dimasa mendatang

Best Healthy food near Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

2. Kedai Bandeng Panorama

Jl. Mawar No.18 Mojoroto R Area, Penataban, Giri, Banyuwangi 68422 Indonesia Seafood, Asian, Healthy, Indonesian, Grill Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Late Night Television, Takeout, Reservations, Buffet, Parking Available, Street Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Digital Payments, Cash Only, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Delivery, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Highcha [email protected] +62 823-3595-1970
Overall Ratings

5 based on 65 reviews

Kedai Bandeng Panorama

Processed milkfish Sambel mantab Ijo with flavor, halal, tasteful, clean sound without MSG, rich in natural spices, and only use milk fish from waters known Banyuwangi which is more tasty and delicious. Give as a gift to your loved one.Your doubts will di

Reviewed By stuman89

We arrived early and the owners daughter arrived quickly to give us menus and take orders. She was very kind, all smiles. The owner was a very nice man, he talked us through the menu and suggested food based on our preferences. This guy can cook the most amazing food!!! We had baked sea fish, calamari stuffed with salted duck egg, green vegetables and rice. This place is a MUST if you are in the area for Ijen. Beautiful local food, and your money is going towards a very nice family.

East Java, Indonesia Food Guide: 4 Fast Food food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Banyuwangi

1. Warung Biru

Jln. Kapten Pierre Tendean, Banyuwangi 68411 Indonesia Seafood, Indonesian, Asian Lunch, Dinner Takeout +62 823-3142-2858
Overall Ratings

4 based on 74 reviews

Warung Biru

Reviewed By rendyas

Try Nasi Tempong and Grilled Fish ! I give them 2 thumbs up for those !!!Highly recommended to try if you are fans of spicy foods

Most Popular Asian food in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

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