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May 30, 2020 Leida Jutras

Find out what Pizza restaurants to try in Santa Paula. Santa Paula is a city in Ventura County, California, United States. Situated amidst the orchards of the fertile Santa Clara River Valley, the city advertises itself to tourists as the "Citrus Capital of the World." Santa Paula was one of the early centers of California's petroleum industry. The Union Oil Company Building, the founding headquarters of the Union Oil Company of California in 1890, now houses the California Oil Museum. The population was 29,321 at the 2010 census, up from 28,598 at the 2000 census.
Things to do in Santa Paula

1. Zapparelli's Pizzeria

598 W Main St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3209 Pizza, Italian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Delivery, Seating [email protected] +1 805-933-1351
Overall Ratings

4 based on 28 reviews

Zapparelli's Pizzeria

Come in and enjoy a great pizza menu, fresh salad bar, and amazing sandwiches while Zapparelli's Pizzeria takes care of all your hunger needs! Choose from a variety of delicious items from tempting appetizers to unique staff creations. We're best known fo

Reviewed By rayolvera

This was previously a Round Table Pizza franchise/location. And I like Round Table pizza. Not in a "OMG this is the best pizza on the planet" way. But it was always reliably good pizza. I was comfortable in the familiarity, I knew I wouldn't go wrong. I thought when ownership changed the quality would go downhill. I was wrong. Zap's is deliciously good pizza. The ingredients always seem fresh, the sauce is tasty, the people who work there are very nice and welcoming. They are my "go-to" location for Sunday football pizza action, and when I just don't feel like cooking but I want something that I like. They have a nice selection of pies, and their chicken wings are pretty good. The new Ranch dressing seems almost homemade and is a major upgrade from the previous prepackaged dressing. I buy it, I like it. I wish they had specials, although when I whine, they hook me up with a coupon that gives me a buck or two off, I like that also. As I wrote this, I upgraded them from 3 to 4 stars because they are very good, not incredible (but then what is?!) but very good. The pizzas certainly cost a bit more then any of the other joints in Santa Paula (SP), but you get what you pay for. All I know is that when I want a pizza in SP, that's where I'rilz!!!Deliciously good, Ray? I'll take it! Words can't express how much all of us love being your "go-to" spot -- thanks so much for the kind words of support. I can't wait to see you again for more of your favorite pies!All the best,Gary Z, Owner

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2. Tuscany Pizzeria

973 E Main St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2822 Pizza, Italian Dinner Wheelchair Accessible +1 805-229-7279

Reviewed By Rose C

We stopped by for a to-go pizza for the first time at this restaurant. Service was friendly, quick and pizza was good. Good value for the price. You can tell ingredients were fresh and nice tasty crust.

California, United States Food Guide: 7 American food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Santa Paula

3. Domino's Pizza

431 Ojai Rd Ste D, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2258 Pizza Lunch, Dinner +1 805-933-2771

Visit your Santa Paula Domino's Pizza today for a signature pizza or oven baked sandwich. We have coupons and specials on pizza delivery, pasta, buffalo wings, & more! Order online now!

Reviewed By rayolvera

I like that they make food fast. Apparently the price to be paid is taste and quality. When I get a pizza from Domino's it comes off as though the cheese was barely portioned to placate the customer. The sauce is not very tasty. I've eaten at Dominos very often due to my slacker nature. However, I've rarely been satisfied. I guess that's the definition of insanity....doing the same thing and expecting diffrent results.

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