Most Popular Pizza food in Narrandera, New South Wales, Australia

June 16, 2021 Chanda Heide

Find out what Pizza restaurants to try in Narrandera including The Narrandera Pizzeria, Gluttony Pizza And Pasta, Leonies East Street Pizza
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1. The Narrandera Pizzeria

60 East St, Narrandera, New South Wales 2700 Australia Pizza Dinner Delivery, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible +61 2 6959 9538
Overall Ratings

4 based on 30 reviews

The Narrandera Pizzeria

Reviewed By lird5

We seemed to be the only customers who walked in to order, everyone else was picking up orders. The pizza was ready in quick time considering all the orders being filled. The Narrandera Special (with anchovies and olives) had generous toppings and was very tasty. One large pizza filled us both. We were also the only people to eat in, although there are a couple of tables.

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2. Gluttony Pizza And Pasta

53 East St, Narrandera, New South Wales 2700 Australia Pizza, Italian Dinner [email protected] +61 2 6959 3066
Overall Ratings

4 based on 14 reviews

Gluttony Pizza And Pasta

Reviewed By Warwick D

July 2016 I wrote unfavourably about this place.June 2017 we thought that it may have become better--it hadn't.Our pizza order was mucked up--a large pizza became a medium because the person taking the order only charged us for a medium and did not want to ask us for more money to make a large--we were waiting in the shop.We ordered two pizzas but they have not mastered the art of making two pizzas then putting them in the oven at the same time. They make one, put it in the oven then make the other one and put it in the oven. The first one is then put in a "hot bag" until the other one is ready--result:- one hot pizza and one soggy warm pizza. Discussions with the staff was useless as they just became abusive to us.Unfortunately there is not a lot of choice of takeaways in town--we will make our stopover point in our travels another town next time.Thankyou for your feed back I served you the night of your visit and politely apologised for the human error as I thought you had ordered two pizzas the same size , I must admit in the 14 months we have owned our shop you are the first to not be happy with one pizza sitting in a bag for a couple of minute while the other came out , we actually use the bags for deliverys and being in a rural area can sometimes take a good 10 minutes to get to a delivery address and haven't had any complaints about the bags making the pizzas soggy ,I'm sorry my recollection of the discussion that we had after you received your order is quite different to yours as I have at no point ever abused a customer, but actually remember feelIng quite upset about the way you spoke to me . Thanks again for the review , there's always room for improvement

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3. Leonies East Street Pizza

53 East St, Narrandera, New South Wales 2700 Australia Italian, Pizza 6169593066

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