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August 4, 2020 Matilde Konrad

Best Pizza restaurants nearby. Discover the best Pizza food in Belleville. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Pizza restaurants near you.. Belleville is a city in Wayne County in the State of Michigan. The population was 3,991 at the 2010 census. It is the sister city of Machynlleth, Wales. Belleville is 15 miles (24 km) southeast of Ann Arbor and 29 miles (47 km) southwest of Detroit.
Things to do in Belleville

10. Pizza Hut

2160 Rawsonville Rd, Belleville, MI 48111-2308 Pizza Lunch, Dinner Delivery, Takeout, Buffet [email protected] +1 734-483-8800
Pizza Hut

Reviewed By Brian C

Just ordered a pizza for delivery from here last week. Was the worst pizza I have ever had. I think the box it came in looked more appetizing than the pizza. Plus the bad pizza was expensive (in pizza terms). Won't be going back here.

9. Little Caesars

2081 Rawsonville Rd, Belleville, MI 48111-2219 Pizza Lunch, Dinner Takeout +1 734-483-7633
Little Caesars

Reviewed By jakb1969

Ordered a H&R and EMB. Both came fast and were delicious, although the EextraMost was pretty greasy and a bit too much parmesan (we always do ask for extra, just weren't expecting that, so maybe it's partly on us). Clean store also :)

8. Mr Pizza

9860 Haggerty Rd, Belleville, MI 48111-3443 Pizza +1 734-697-0433

Reviewed By Runndis26

The delivery here is fast compared to most places. The pizza is great and hot when you get it. Decent pricing. What else could you ask for

7. Bobby McShane's

19350 Sumpter Rd, Belleville, MI 48111-8724 Pizza +1 734-325-6381
Bobby McShane's

Reviewed By RichardRansom

I ran across McShane's when browsing through a list of Ypsilanti restaurants, looking for a place that had interesting food, alcoholic beverages, and wasn't particularly expensive. I mostly avoid Ann Arbor on weekend nights, as getting parking and a seat in most places is time-consuming.First impression wasn't particularly inspiring, it's basically a sport's bar. At least no effort was made to over-Irish the decor, though the menu itself has a high percentage of dish names starting with "Irish."We ate the Wings, the Irish French Dip, the Irish Shepard's Pie, and the Irish Pub Pot Roast. Draft beer list was decent for the modern microbrew era, but not extensive, the one cocktail we had was well done, the whiskey pour was generous. Service was by an obvious novice, but she was well-supported by other, more experience staff, so food came out hot, drinks were prompt, and we could always flag down service.To the food: The Wings were exceptional (ordered naked), whole wings done in an oven but coming out very dark (see picture). I think they were smoked, but they didn't not have much of a smoky character. Instead they were tasty, well cooked (juicy inside, crispy out), and interesting. The Shephard's Pie was good, the gravy tasty, but a pie should have a crispy crust. Putting the mashed-potato top of the pie pile under the broiler for a bit until it crisped up a bit before applying gravy would have made a huge difference.The Irish French Dip (i.e., a beef sandwich dipped in au jus that owes nothing to either Irish or French heritage) was quite good: strips of beef heated in au jus, provolone cheese melted on top with a generous smear of horseradish sour cream sauce. The sub roll used was toasted (a necessity, otherwise why dip the sandwich in the au jus?), but a more robust bread, perhaps a ciabatta, would have kick this sandwich up a notch. Also, the au jus was a bit to rich and salty, a little more dilute or less intense prep would have paired better with the already rich and strong flavors of the Dip.The Irish Pub Pot Roast was very good indeed, though I'm not personally a pot roast fan. Tasty gravy, yummy mash, very good.I give McShane's a two almost upright thumbs up. A few tweaks on the already interesting and obviously skull-sweated-over menu and it'd be five stars.

6. Hungry Howie's Pizza

10784 Belleville Rd, Belleville, MI 48111-1308 Pizza Lunch, Dinner +1 734-697-4545
Overall Ratings

3 based on 11 reviews

Reviewed By jgiano

Stay away from the veggies. They were gross... Other than that, the pizza overall was rather average. Think dominos with a better crust. It was far more expensive than a national chain. The price definietly didn't match the taste. If I ever find myself in Belleville again I'll look elsewhere for pizza.

5. Jet's Pizza

243 Main St, Belleville, MI 48111-2643 Pizza Lunch, Dinner +1 734-697-7500

Reviewed By Mrs K

We love Jets pizza and were excited to try the Belleville one. Every single order has been a disappointment. We ordered online as it is a semi-difficult order and we wanted to make sure it was all written correctly: Our order was wrong and undercooked. We called and they advised us to call and order instead of using the website if we wanted to get reliable service... WHAT???We have placed 5+ orders here this year and they were all terrible. The staff seems miserable and could not care less about you. All in all bad experiences here.

Top 10 Things to do in Belleville, United States

4. Red Rooster Pizzeria

51390 Willis Rd, Belleville, MI 48111-9395 Italian, Pizza Dinner, Lunch Delivery, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible +1 734-461-6533
Overall Ratings

4 based on 20 reviews

Red Rooster Pizzeria

Reviewed By Clara B

Our favorite place for Monday pizzaspecisls. Fridays they serve fresh beer battered cod-so good! Generous portions. Burritos on Tuesdays are to delicious and huge. We go between 5-6pm and have good service. Food comes out very quick.Try them!Clara B

Top 10 restaurants in Belleville, United States

3. Stack's

45455 Ecorse Rd, Belleville, MI 48111-1193 Pizza, Deli Lunch, Dinner +1 734-697-5121

Reviewed By ladeet2014

My family loved ordering the pizza and chicken special here. We did it about once a week. Then something happened in the last two or three months. The cooks were different and the pizza was different. I see that they are trying to add some new things to the menu, but there was nothing wrong with the old one. We gave it another try a month later and it was the same thing. Disappointing to see the quality in taste go down with the pizza and the wings. I hear the sandwiches/grinders are good, and maybe I'll give them a try. But the pizza and chicken were the real reasons I came.

Top 6 Bar food in Belleville, Michigan, United States

2. Benito's Pizza

565 Main St, Belleville, MI 48111-2649 Pizza Lunch, Dinner Wheelchair Accessible +1 734-697-9128

Reviewed By Bill B

I my estimation the best pizza in Belleville. If you are deep dish fan they do a nice job. Meat lovers is a taste treat, loaded with an ample assortment of ground sausage, ham, bacon, pepperoni, and ground beef. My "adult" kids are crazy about the BLT pizza, and when they come home for a visit, it is the only local must have! They do a nice job in fast time!

Best Mexican food near Belleville, Michigan, United States

1. JT's Pub & Grub

41111 E Huron River Dr Near Haggerty, Belleville, MI 48111-2879 Bar, Pizza, Pub +1 734-992-3556
Overall Ratings

4 based on 11 reviews

JT's Pub & Grub

Reviewed By ontheroadagain65

We went to JT's on a recent Saturday to listen to the band. We decided to have dinner, while we were there. We ended up splitting a small pizza. That was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. Not to mention, reasonably priced. I wish we had ordered a larger one, so we had more to take home. Next time........ JT's is a small place and it was pretty crowded when the band was playing. If you're a dancer, there's not much space for dancing. I'm not, so it didn't bother me. Our waitress was very friendly. My one complaint is the bathroom. JT, please do something with the bathroom.

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