Most Popular Japanese food in Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

November 10, 2019 Marissa Gamble

Best Japanese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Japanese food in Tamba. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Japanese restaurants near you. including Torinago, Iwaya, Nyogetsuan, Sobanchi, Musica Resort, Oeyama, Onazaan, Takematsu Udon, Restaurant Romantei, Yoshida Horumon
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10. Yoshida Horumon

216-22 Nakano, Fukuchiyama Kyoto Prefecture Japanese, Barbecue Dinner +81 773-22-9359
Yoshida Horumon

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9. Restaurant Romantei

97 Kitashimmachi, Tanba Sasayama 669-2332 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese Lunch +81 79-552-6668
Restaurant Romantei

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8. Takematsu Udon

13 Giichimae, Shigasatocho, Ayabe 623-0343 Kyoto Prefecture Japanese +81 773-21-1665
Takematsu Udon

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7. Onazaan

1003 Onaza, Aogakicho, Tamba 669-3822 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese Lunch Reservations +81 795-87-5205

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6. Oeyama

1956 Komori, Oecho, Fukuchiyama 620-0301 Kyoto Prefecture Japanese Non-smoking restaurants +81 773-56-0595

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The Ooeyama Restaurant (Shokudou Ooeyama) is a small soba (buckwheat noodle) specialty restaurant in the Komori region of the city of Fukuchiyama. The restaurant is located near the Kyoto Tango Railway’s Ooe Station. Parking is easy in the immediate neighbourhood.They call their buckwheat noodle “Oni-soba” or the Demon’s buckwheat noodle. The “Demon” is from the legend of Shuten Doji of Ooeyama (Mt. Ooe) from the Heian Period Japan. The town is located at the eastern foot of Mt. Ooe.I opted for the “Oni-soba Teishoku” or Demon’s buckwheat noodle plus rice set menu for about US9.00. Their Oni-soba presentation is interesting as they use a red super-sized bowl for the noodle. It is said that Shuten Doji was very fond of sake (rice wine) and drank a lot by using a red super-sized bowl like this restaurant uses.Their buckwheat noodle is unusually dark coloured. I asked the formula and a cook told me that they use whole buckwheat (80%) and whole wheat (20%), thus making the appearance of their noodle very dark. They do not prepare the noodle in house, but orders an outside noodle shop to prepare according to their specifications.The soba noodle was served with “sansei” or the wild vegetables from the mountain. The broth as well as noodle was tasty, but the noodle was slightly overcooked.The restaurant’s atmosphere is casual. I saw not only some local people but also travellers by car enjoying the “Oni-soba” buckwheat noodle dishes.

5. Musica Resort

1017-1 Kasugacho Shimominosho, Tamba 669-4252 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Validated Parking, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol, Free Wifi [email protected] +81 795-88-5252
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Musica Resort

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Tamba is famous for its locally ranged meat products and fresh vegetables, and Mujika is definitely worth a try when you visit Tamba. I've been there twice now, and the basic lunch set (1680 yen) includes assortment of 9 appetizers, main dish, rice and desert. The place has a very nice old charm as the building is about 150 years old with tatami mats and traditional sliding doors. Some waitresses wear casual kimonos, too.

4. Sobanchi

125 Kajiwara Ichijimacho, Tamba 669-4323 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese +81 795-78-9505
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3. Nyogetsuan

123 Kitashimmachi, Tanba Sasayama 669-2332 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Parking Available, Validated Parking, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol +81 79-552-2400

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2. Iwaya

495-1 Hiuchiwan, Tanba Sasayama 669-2301 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner Reservations +81 79-552-0702
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4 based on 26 reviews


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This is my 2nd visit to Iwaya. This idyllic traditional Japan charcoal restaurant carries a simple and yet delicious menu. All the ingredients are sourced locally from Hyogo, I believe they even raise chickens on this mountain side property. Last winter visit we had and amazing nabe over charcoal. This summer visit we ordered BBQ with The most tender Hyogo beef, chicken and fresh shiitake finished with country style rice and miso soup. There aren't any tables, guest sits on the floor close to the charcoal pit. This is one of my favorite dinning experiences in Hyogo to date, not cheap but worth the time and money. For directions and more info :

Best European food near Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

1. Torinago

233-11 Nakanomachi, Fukuchiyama 620-0036 Kyoto Prefecture Japanese Dinner Reservations, Parking Available +81 773-32-1804
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4 based on 30 reviews


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