Most Popular Japanese food in Niijima-mura, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

March 11, 2021 Marianna Hollaway

Best Japanese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Japanese food in Niijima-mura. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Japanese restaurants near you. including Sakaezushi, Yakitori Daisan, Nihombashi, Sun Valley, Mikasa, Yuhamatei, Meshi, Maruto Sushi, Senryo
Things to do in Niijima-mura

9. Senryo

938 Shikinejima, Niijima-mura Tokyo Prefecture Japanese +81 4992-7-0900

8. Maruto Sushi

6-9-2 Motomura, Niijima-mura Tokyo Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 4992-5-0464

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7. Meshi

5-1-1 Honson, Niijima-mura Tokyo Prefecture Japanese +81 4992-5-0959

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6. Yuhamatei

6-1-5 Honson, Niijima-mura Tokyo Prefecture Japanese +81 4992-5-1308

Reviewed By NipponNewfie

I came to Niijima for the weekend to visit a friend who’s been working on the island for a few years. We stopped in here for lunch and I had a very nice yakiniku set. There are very few restaurants on the island and that evening every place we tried for dinner was full so we returned to Yuhamatei. Tonight we ordered á la carte and every dish was huge and delicious: salad, garlic fried rice, fried chicken, Ebi chilli (shrimp in hot sauce) and Korean bibinba. The portions were huge - I’d never get such generous portions in the city. Highly recommended.

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5. Mikasa

116 Setoyama Niijima-Mura, Niijima-mura Tokyo Prefecture Japanese, Indian +81 4992-5-1242

Reviewed By shigemasa u


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4. Sun Valley

4 Shikinejima, Niijima-mura Tokyo Prefecture Japanese +81 4992-7-0846
Sun Valley

Reviewed By Navigator806203


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3. Nihombashi

1-3-6 Motomura, Niijima-mura 100-0402 Tokyo Prefecture Japanese +81 4992-5-1890

Reviewed By 大和96


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2. Yakitori Daisan

5-3-1 Motomura, Niijima-mura Tokyo Prefecture Japanese +81 4992-5-0109

Reviewed By CherylP631

This is my favourite restaurant on Niijima, mainly serving Yakitori but has some other dishes as well. Everything we ordered was traditional & tasty. Each visit to Niijima, we have made an effort to go there. It's in the Main Street opposite the milk biscuit shop, you will see the lantern out & smoke pouring out the window when it's open.There is an English menu however it is an old one so the prices need to be matched to the new menu. Staff are extremely friendly & try to speak as much English as they can to serve you.

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1. Sakaezushi

Niijima-mura 100-0402 Tokyo Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Lunch, Dinner +81 4992-5-1539
Overall Ratings

4 based on 9 reviews


Reviewed By ManabuYama9uch1

何と言っても、島寿司を食べなければここに行く意味がないというくらい、「島寿司」がオススメです。競合も少ないので、場合によっては混みますので少し早めのランチ利用をオススメします。Super recommend is ''Island Sushi''.The Island doesn't have an enough competitors therefore a lot of tourists coming here at lunch hours so recommend you if going here at early lunch hours.

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