Most Popular Japanese food in Aioi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

April 21, 2021 Giuseppe Pratt

Find out what Japanese restaurants to try in Aioi including Sakura Base, Edoya, Mugenan, Minmin, Ensui, Hanaya, Genkiyaki Aioi, Nanpuaioiten, Nagahama Ramen Ajiichiban Aioi, Teuchi Sobadokoro Morishita

10. Teuchi Sobadokoro Morishita

173-4 Wakasanocho Nishigomyo, Aioi Hyogo Prefecture Japanese +81 791-28-1612
Teuchi Sobadokoro Morishita

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9. Nagahama Ramen Ajiichiban Aioi

1-4-26 Akasaka, Aioi Hyogo Prefecture Japanese +81 791-22-8959
Nagahama Ramen Ajiichiban Aioi

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8. Nanpuaioiten

Nabaminamihonmachi, Aioi Hyogo Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 791-23-7733

Reviewed By Extraordinary809292

イオンタウン内にある喃風 相生店、ランチで伺いました。どろ焼きが有名なお店の様です、どろ焼きって初めて聞きました。ハーフ&ハーフランチは、780円とリーズナブルです。お好み焼きと焼きそばともう1品(アイス・ドリンク・ライス・サラダ)選べます。どろ焼きも気になったのですが、無難に豚玉です。お好み焼きと焼きそばも普通に美味しかったです。

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7. Genkiyaki Aioi

8-55 Nabaminamihonmachi, Aioi 678-0053 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese +81 791-22-8881
Genkiyaki Aioi

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6. Hanaya

1-7-22 Asahi, Aioi Hyogo Prefecture Japanese, International +81 791-23-0787

Reviewed By Soumitra N

A Japanese restaurant run by husband and wife . The restaurant is not big and spacey but there are a few "curtained private cabins" for families or group of friends who want a bit of privacy while eating .The entire menu is in Japanese , so a foreigner who is not fluent in speaking Japanese ( like me ) must take a Japanese friend along to enjoy the delicious food. We started with beer and some snacks and then switched over to Japanese "sake" , while the chef got busy making sashimi and other Japanese fish delicacies- which were really delicious . In the drinks menu , there are also some typical Japanese cocktails , which I guess are quite popular , as i watched them being served frequently to many customers.To reach the restaurant from Aioi JR station , one needs to take a taxi ( fare would be around USD 10) .

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5. Ensui

2-21 Sakae-Machi, Aioi 678-0008 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese, Kappo Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Accepts Credit Cards +81 791-23-7274

Reviewed By bariloche48

Winter on the Seto Inland Sea means fat, juicy oysters. So we took ourselves off to Ensui in Aioi because we heard they had an all-oyster menu. They don’t speak English and we don’t speak Japanese but we had no difficulty getting a multi-course meal of these delicious oysters. We had them raw, deep fried, steamed, in a soup, boiled in a nabe, mornay and baked. Each dish tasted delicious and different. We washed it down with a dry, cold Nihon shu. We finished with tea and my son had apple ice cream. The overall cost was very reasonable.

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4. Minmin

6-3 Hongocho, Aioi Hyogo Prefecture Japanese +81 791-22-1222

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3. Mugenan

2-5-25 Sagata, Aioi 678-0063 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 791-56-5039

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絶品田舎蕎麦屋なのにジャズライブまであるなんてびっくりしました関西の有名ジャズマンが特別に集まりその日だけのスペシャルライブをまたまたその日だけの蕎麦懐石とともにいただく年に何回かしかやらないそうですがたまたま私は行く事が出来ましたもちろん蕎麦懐石も絶品でしたI was surprised buckwheat noodle shop but JAZZ live showIt was amazing of course buckwheat noodle and other special Japanese carefully made foods like tempura steamed eggs and cooked vegetables They are all goodAlso this JAZZ live are settled 2 or 3 times a years but all musicians are coming from kansai areas and famous players only

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2. Edoya

6-24 Hongocho, Aioi 678-0006 Hyogo Prefecture Japanese +81 791-22-0678

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1. Sakura Base

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