Most Popular International food in Tripoli, Tripoli District, Libya

May 27, 2020 Karren Gelb

Best International restaurants nearby. Discover the best International food in Tripoli. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for International restaurants near you.. Tripoli (Arabic: طرابلس‎, Ṭarābulus; Berber:"Oea" or "Wy't" ) is the capital city and the largest city of Libya, with a population of about 1.1 million people in 2015. It is located in the northwest of Libya on the edge of the desert, on a point of rocky land projecting into the Mediterranean and forming a bay. It includes the port of Tripoli and the country's largest commercial and manufacturing centre. It is also the site of the University of Tripoli. The vast Bab al-Azizia barracks, which includes the former family estate of Muammar Gaddafi, is also located in the city. Colonel Gaddafi largely ruled the country from his residence in this barracks.
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1. Hatab Restaurant

Siyahia, Tripoli Libya International Lunch
Hatab Restaurant

Reviewed By 778mohammeds

Pizza is great, sandwiches are fantastic, service is as good as good as anywhere else in Libya, definitely worth coming for eat in or take away. But the dinning room with its own menu was really not worth it. This place is fantastic at making fast food. Why they would bother with the other menu and wasting the staffs time on serving food that isn't of the same high flavour as the fast food yet being twice the price is beyond me. Definitely go. But for a pizza or the sandwiches not for the meals.

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2. Lamma Cafe

Gergarish Road on the side of the sea, Tripoli Libya International Reservations +218 21-4770943

Reviewed By kazozo

I do not know what happened. Every thing changed starting from service, quality of food quantities, cleanness and above all prices. I assume that the old owner had sold it. They had the best food and varieties that suits every taste including vegetarians. What a pity !!!!!!!!

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3. Royal Restaurant

Independance Blvd Algeria Square, Tripoli 7999 Libya Italian, French, International Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +218 21-3344750

Reviewed By Fadwa Z

My best ever experience in Libyaaa! Very classy place, decent service, perfect taste.. highly recommend it to all want to enjoy a classy meal and pretty good proper priced restaurant. Love it

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