Most Popular International food in Nakafurano-cho, Hokkaido, Japan

November 16, 2020 Deane Carmody

Find out what International restaurants to try in Nakafurano-cho including Farm Restaurant Azemichi Yorimichi, Shittococo, Furano Wine House, Cafe Bakusyu, Burassurikaifudo, Karaoke Utaya Furano, Daiichi Shokudo
Things to do in Nakafurano-cho

7. Daiichi Shokudo

1-4-4 Nakamachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0543 Hokkaido Japanese, International +81 167-45-2153
Daiichi Shokudo

Reviewed By GenjiG

A nice little restaurant with a very energetic lady owner. Great to see how much fun you can have with Google Translate. The food was standard Japanese fare and they have an English menu. No smoking in the restaurant so that is a real plus. Recommended.

6. Karaoke Utaya Furano

2-26 Hommachi, Furano 076-0031 Hokkaido International Lunch, Dinner +81 167-22-8088

5. Burassurikaifudo

3-11 Asahimachi, Furano Hokkaido International Dinner +81 167-22-5540

Reviewed By kaitarar

this restaurant is near Furano st.they have normal menu and today's menu. picture is a "today menu" .We ordered pasta&humberg, pannacotta as a desert. both good.not so expensive. 駐車場はお店の真横に2台分あります。カルボナーラとハンバーグを食べました。通常メニューのほかに、今日のメニュー、がありました。

4. Cafe Bakusyu

3-38 Kitanominenocho, Furano 076-0034 Hokkaido Pizza, Italian, Cafe, International Lunch, Dinner Seating, Takeout, Table Service +81 167-22-5752
Overall Ratings

4 based on 37 reviews

Cafe Bakusyu

Reviewed By Monica R

We were needing a pizza" fix" after a few weeks of Japanese food and we really enjoyed our crispy wood fored pizzas and draught beer. Great salads too! English speaking waitress did an exellent job taking individual pizza orders from a group of 9. Very delicious!!

3. Furano Wine House

Shimizuyama, Furano 076-0048 Hokkaido International, Wine Bar Lunch, Dinner Reservations +81 167-23-4155
Overall Ratings

4 based on 67 reviews

Furano Wine House

Reviewed By SipsTea

We visited the wine house first instead of the winery as we were starving. We ordered the lunch set which came with the cheese fondue which was the highlight. For me, I had the sirloin set - came with the fondue, rice and coffee. Not outstanding as it wasn't wagyu but nothing to complain about. The cheese fondue was rich, but not overpowering. The kids meal was the most worth it - it came with 3 different meat and the portion is as if it was meant for an adult.

2. Shittococo

Kita18go Higashi7sen, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0527 Hokkaido International Lunch +81 167-45-6627

Reviewed By Chuzaa

In the middle of almost nowhere in the town of Kamifurano is this small restaurant called "Shitto Coco" which means in the Ainu language "Observe well with eyes wide open" according to the manager.It is specialized in relatively simple Western-style Japanese foods for lunch only. They have English-language menus as well.We had a pork dish with baked vegetables and a pasta (spaghettie) with burdock (gobou). Both of them were served with a tiny appetizer and a dessert.Shitto Coco is not a vegetarian food restaurant, though they do emphasize the use of fresh local and seasonal vegetables.

Top 6 European food in Nakafurano-cho, Hokkaido, Japan

1. Farm Restaurant Azemichi Yorimichi

16 Higashi 6-sen Kita, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun 071-0526 Hokkaido International Lunch +81 167-45-3060
Overall Ratings

4 based on 59 reviews

Farm Restaurant Azemichi Yorimichi

Reviewed By Stonetemple

This restaurant is located in middle of farm lands in Kami-Furano. The business hours is from 10:30 to 15:30. So, this place is a destination restaurant. It is well worth the travel especially, if you have a car. It is all about the ingredients, which are vegetable from the local farm land. We had curry rice with bacon and Pot-au-fue, which is a vegetable stew with bacon. The large portion reminds you that you are in country side. Both of the dishes came with a side salad, which contained so many kind of chopped vegetable. These vegetables taste amazing!!! Every dishes are prepared by local farm ladies. They made everything from scratch including bacon. The ambiance of the restaurant is like you visited a local farmer's house in Hokkaido. You need to take off shoes. So, pick nice socks before you go. We were the only foreigner there. There is no English nor Chinese menu. However, you can only choose from three or four choices from the menu. This was the high light of our Furano trip. I highly recommend this restaurant.

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