Most Popular International food in Fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

October 3, 2019 Kelli Reichel

Find out what International restaurants to try in Fujieda including Garakutaya Fujieda, Sukemune Dininig Room, Bigboy, Saizeriya Shizuoka Fujieda, Tezukuri No European Restaurant Pistachio
Things to do in Fujieda

1. Garakutaya Fujieda

1-10-21Ekimae, Fujieda 426-0034 Shizuoka Prefecture International Dinner Reservations, Accepts Credit Cards +81 54-631-9551
Garakutaya Fujieda


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2. Sukemune Dininig Room

1-1-26 Honmachi, Fujieda 426-0018 Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, International +81 54-639-9911
Sukemune Dininig Room

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렌게지이케코엔 남쪽 도보 4분. 일본 아이치현 나고야시 명물음식 ANKAKE 스파게티 중심. 토핑이 다양하고, 포장 도시락 메뉴도 있음. 가격대비 훌륭.

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3. Bigboy

2-12-1 Tanuma, Fujieda Shizuoka Prefecture International Lunch, Dinner +81 54-634-0801

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4. Saizeriya Shizuoka Fujieda

1-5-13 Shida, Fujieda 426-0071 Shizuoka Prefecture International Family style, Non-smoking restaurants +81 54-647-2030

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SAIZERIYA is a well-known Italian restaurant chain in Japan for delicious Italian foods suitable for Japanese people with affordable prices. The one in Fujieda is located on the roadside of route #1 and easy to visit by automobile. The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice and the guests can be relaxed.Though the tastes of foods served might be uniform among the chain restaurants, I sometimes feel the tastes of this branch better than others' because of the comforts.It's fun to enjoy Italian foods and chatting with family, friends at SAIZERIYA.

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5. Tezukuri No European Restaurant Pistachio

1-14-28 Okadeyama, Fujieda Shizuoka Prefecture International, Fusion Lunch, Dinner +81 54-646-3009

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