Most Popular International food in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

February 20, 2020 Florencio Paulino

Find out what International restaurants to try in Aso including Restaurant Hanaasobi, Waraku, Kusenri Buffet Aso Buono, Nakata, Bonakatei, Joyfull, Joyfull
Things to do in Aso

7. Joyfull

784-1 Akamizu, Aso Kumamoto Prefecture International Lunch, Dinner +81 967-35-6800

Reviewed By seimarie


Aso Food Guide: 10 Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Aso

6. Joyfull

2396-1 Ichinomiyamachi Miyaji, Aso Kumamoto Prefecture International Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +81 967-35-4811

Reviewed By no-hop-no-life


Best Japanese food near Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

5. Bonakatei

1440 Kurokawa, Aso 869-2225 Kumamoto Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch +81 967-34-2566

Reviewed By hckok77

Local restaurants, business hour 10am-5pm, closed on Thursday. Located inside Aso Station, lunch from 900yen~.I order their oyakodonburi & dumpling soup (Beppu gourmet). No doubt, their oyakodonburi r special as recommend by other backpacker. Dumpling soup r very good too, but too mush vegetable (I'm a meat eater).

Most Popular Steakhouse food in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

4. Nakata

14-1 Kurokawa, Aso Kumamoto Prefecture Japanese, International +81 967-34-2588

Reviewed By Bart v

Good restaurant that serves some of the local dishes. The Basashi was very good and tender and the soup and tempura werr also amazing. Staff were friendly as all Japanese people are.

Best Barbecue food near Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

3. Kusenri Buffet Aso Buono

2391-15 Nagakusa, Aso 869-2231 Kumamoto Prefecture International Buffet +81 967-34-0131
Kusenri Buffet Aso Buono

Reviewed By SteLu_12

Ho pranzato in questo ristorante che serve anche a buffet, ho preso carne e devo dire che era di ottima qualità, buono anche il prezzo , personale gentilissimo, locale pulitissimo. Da consigliare

Where to eat Cafe food in Aso: The Best Restaurants and Bars

2. Waraku

255-12 Uchimaki, Aso Kumamoto Prefecture Japanese, International +81 967-32-1656

Reviewed By Koch J

We were exploring Aso on a weekday and suddenly realized the town felt like a ghost town as soon as the sun disappeared : everything was closed at 730. Suddenly, as we started to accept the fact we would eat 7/11 food we noticed a small light and the distinctive curtains of a restaurant. We entered this cosy place and were warmly greeted by a charming old lady. Behind her was the kitchen counter and the busy chef, on our left plenty of fresh ingredients and some shochu bottles with regular patron's name written on them. The food looked modest but tasted good and fresh, the English menu was confusing as one of the beef item is actually a beef stew curry (still good, with nice bit too fat but still melty mest) but even with the limited English skill of the owner we managed to get some menu not on the English menu (do try the Akaushi beef yakitori, it was a blast). We also had nice horse sashimi and the fried lotus root famous in Kumamoto. In summary, Waraku is a lovely small and warm place where you feel very welcome. The food is great and fresh , with many local delights, and its quite cheap!

Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 3 Grill food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Aso

1. Restaurant Hanaasobi

781 Ozato Hana Asobi, Aso 869-2307 Kumamoto Prefecture Japanese, International, Barbecue, European Breakfast, Lunch Buffet, Parking Available, Free Off-Street Parking, Wheelchair Accessible [email protected] +81 967-23-6262
Overall Ratings

3 based on 19 reviews

Restaurant Hanaasobi

At the foot of the Aso Caldera "Daikanbo" There are the rose garden and farm buffet restaurants surrounded by trees Farm buffet restaurants are very popular. The beef steak "aka-ushi" brought up in a great deal of effort at Ubuyama village, local gourmet

Reviewed By Wakatipu0101

Enjoy your meal in the garden, likely staying in roses farm, feeling like the princess, and some food make by roses. Excellent place.

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