Most Popular Fusion food in Hsinchu, Taiwan

May 27, 2020 Leonardo Torrence

Reviews on Fusion food in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The city of "New Bamboo," Hsinchu sways like a sturdy reed under the cooling breeze that rolls from the Taiwan Strait. Buzzing with the activity of numerous science and technology universities, Hsinchu is forward-thinking, attracting high-tech companies from around the world—a charming juxtaposition of modernity and antiquity for the oldest city in northern Taiwan. Hsinchu's historic moat flows through central parks and green spaces, and the scholarly carvings on the Guan Di Temple contribute to the city's intellectual sensibility. For a glimpse into traditional Taiwanese technologies, visit the Craft Glass Museum to learn about Hsinchu's signature product.
Things to do in Hsinchu

1. Fleur Lis-Recipe House

No. 69, Minzu Rd., East Dist, Hsinchu Taiwan Asian, Fusion Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +886 3 623 8899
Overall Ratings

3 based on 637 reviews

Fleur Lis-Recipe House

Reviewed By shengtey

Every time I visit family in Hsinchu they insist on going to afternoon tea which is afternoon buffet. I have never visited the one in Fleur Lis. The hotel itself looks very nice and fancy, but the buffet disappoints compared to the other buffets I've tried in Hsinchu. Food selection was very limited and the quality was just ok. They did have a very small sushi bar but not a lot of fish. I would not come back here again.

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2. Shi Jia Fish Ball

No. 27, Xingxue St., East Dist, Hsinchu Taiwan Fusion Lunch, Brunch Takeout +886 3 524 2965
Overall Ratings

4 based on 59 reviews

Shi Jia Fish Ball

Reviewed By n1ghtfever

Go eat this place when you are in town. Yes, I am dead serious. This place is hard to get to, as it was in some small alleyway. The shop front may not look all attractive, but the food you get, will BLOWN you away! It is that good, I wish I can take some back to Melbourne and tell people this is how fish ball should be made. The fish ball is full of flavor, not your ordinary frozen packet. it has fillings inside as well, from memory, there were meat, mushrooms, and some crunchy stuff. So good, the soup are amazing as well. Also the marinated pork mince on rice. This place will not disappoint you. If you want authentic taste of food, go and find this place. You will be screaming for more.

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3. Second Floor Cafe - Hsinchu

No. 212, Xinzhuang Street, East District, Hsinchu 30073 Taiwan American, Cafe, British, Fusion, Central American Brunch +886 3 578 9222
Second Floor Cafe - Hsinchu

Reviewed By Claire Louise H

I went here with my friend and her baby daughter last month and without a doubt the staff were wonderful, two people didn’t speak English but they were still really friendly and hospitable. Two others spoke English and were great checking on the baby, playing games with her, etc.The only thing I have to say that’s negative is that I asked for no dairy. No cream, no ice cream, etc IN CHINESE, but I still got a load of cream underneath my waffles, sticking them to the plate (I found this a bit odd) which meant I couldn’t really eat them, despite paying all that money.Anyway, the peach smoothie was amazing and my friend had a massive breakfast that looked great.It’s got a nice atmosphere but in my opinion I’d only go back on a special occasion because the prices are just too high for me.

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