Most Popular Fast Food food in Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia

September 9, 2020 Tonie Szymanski

Discover Restaurants offering the best Fast Food food in Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia. Yelizovo (Russian: Е́лизово) is a town in Kamchatka Krai, Russia, located on the Avacha River 32 kilometers (20 mi) northwest of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Population: 39,569 (2010 Census); 41,533 (2002 Census); 46,929 (1989 Census).
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7. Malino

50 Let Oktyabrya Ave., 16/1 Parus Mall, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 683024 Russia Italian, Pizza, Fast Food, Eastern European Dinner Takeout, Serves Alcohol, Seating, Table Service +7 415 223-05-23
Overall Ratings

3 based on 32 reviews


Reviewed By nelsond611

Just wanted to eat fast something at the end of a jet lag day. Small restaurant with pizza and pasta. Big pizza but not really tasty. Beer and chai was fine.Just to much cheese on the pizza. A bit over priced for the quality.Staff was nice.

Yelizovo Food Guide: 10 Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Yelizovo

6. Makkam Burger

Pobedy Ave., 1/1, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Russia Italian, American, Fast Food, Russian +7 415 220-16-27
Makkam Burger

Reviewed By kuklichli

Здесь можно быстро и вкусно поесть. Особенно хороши блинчики с разными начинками и суп с говядиной. Еще неплохо делают курицу-гриль. Иногда беру ее домой. Может это и фаст-фуд, но уж очень вкусный.

What to do and see in Yelizovo, Russia: The Best Places and Tips

5. Planeta-Pizza

Lukashevskogo, 5, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 683024 Russia Pizza, Fast Food Takeout, Delivery +7 415 223-03-68
Overall Ratings

4 based on 17 reviews


Reviewed By MatthewABC

Top marks for originality, but there is a reason no one else has thought to put grated cucumber and powdered egg on a pizza! The pizza dough was floury and turgid. Buy yourself a frozen pizza instead. Although then you would miss out on the experience of dining beneath two giant TVs tuned to different channels.

Top 8 Italian food in Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia

4. MakkamBurger

Leningradskaya St., 74, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Russia Fast Food Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch +7 415 242-76-65
Overall Ratings

3 based on 41 reviews


Reviewed By Andrew M

Makkam Burger has at least three branches that we know of in PPK. We had visited the Yelizov branch on the previous day. We were staying on Pogranichnaya Street, a 10 minute walk away. My son was happy to have a menu of western food offerings, after many days of travelling in rural Siberia and eating at roadside cafes. There is Pizza, Burger and fries as the main items on the menu. The staff spoke little english but were very helpful.The prices were quite reasonable.The restaurant is located opposite a busy bus stop and intersection. It has an upper and lower level, and orders have to be made and paid for downstairs. The decor was pleasant, and we enjoyed the music TV which played international music videos, although most were Russian singers. This was our favourite restaurant in PPK. There was a small pastry shop at the road level which had many local treats, and many small shops with Russian meat pastries and other local foods. The T-34 tank monument is within view of the restaurant and a Lenin statue is located a short walk away at the University. The airport bus # 104 is parked close to this restaurant, so it is a good stop for a last meal before heading to the airport by bus.

Best European food near Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia

3. Gate 917

Tushkanova, 3, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 683031 Russia Italian, American, Bar, Pizza, Fast Food Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Reservations, Table Service [email protected] +7 994 271-09-17
Gate 917

American Pizza-pie and burgers.

Reviewed By Quest700116

Barely eatable pizza, the beer is nor fresh, though the service is good.Would not visit this place again. Did not agree to replace the beer.The place is overrated. The design of the restaurant is nice, but it us not enough - the food is bad.

Most Popular Japanese food in Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia

2. Ozero

Sadovoye Koltso, 1, Yelizovo Russia Fast Food, European, Central European, Russian Dinner, Brunch Takeout, Seating, Table Service [email protected] +7 415 232-73-33
Overall Ratings

4 based on 34 reviews


Reviewed By Sealsh

Удобно расположенный уютный ресторанчик с отличным меню, красивым видом, несколькими комфортными залами, приятным и вежливым персоналом. можно бронировать посещение заранее. На территории есть парковка.

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1. Bistro

Leninskaya St., 62, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Russia Fast Food, Russian Lunch Takeout, Seating +7 415 242-57-38
Overall Ratings

4 based on 117 reviews


Reviewed By olgae

Did not enjoy this place at all. Yes it's cheap but the food is far from delicious. Dishes are not that fresh either in my opinion.

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