Most Popular Eastern European food in Kryvyy Rih, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine

May 30, 2020 Franklyn Hardiman

Find out what Eastern European restaurants to try in Kryvyy Rih including Kopot i Baklazhan, Borsch House, Nepman, Restaurant Gulyai Pole, Krute Tisto, Dobri Galushky, Brand Cook, Orbita Cafe, Fontan
Things to do in Kryvyy Rih

9. Fontan

Kropivnitskogo St., 21b, Kryvyy Rih Ukraine European, Eastern European, Ukrainian [email protected] +380 67 988 8913

The "Fountain" restaurant is situated at hotel "Optima Deluxe" (the part of the all-Ukrainian "Reikartz" chain) offers a wide range of dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. This is a great place to relax with friends and family. Our restaurant consist

8. Orbita Cafe

Magistralnaya St. 17A, Kryvyy Rih 50000 Ukraine Pizza, Cafe, European, Eastern European, Ukrainian +380 96 822 2561

Reviewed By Виолетта В

Кухня отвратная. Заказывали бульон куриный и сет-бургер. Бульон явно из кубиков. Курица была вообще "нежевабельная". Картофель фри в сете жесткий, пережаренный. На бургер меня уже не хватило. не советую кушать "Орбите".

7. Brand Cook

30-Letiya Pobedy Sq. 1A Inside Ahana, Kryvyy Rih 50000 Ukraine American, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Spanish, Eastern European Lunch, Brunch Wheelchair Accessible +380 67 923 4062
Brand Cook

Reviewed By AdamOslo

We ordered fresh orange juice and Paela. The juice was warm. The Paela was not even close to call it Paela. It was rice, sausage, one small shrimp and one mussel. And everything was swimming in oil. The taste was not good.

6. Dobri Galushky

Pushkina St. 4, Kryvyy Rih 50000 Ukraine European, Eastern European, Central European, Ukrainian +380 98 337 2564

Reviewed By Константин К

Очень удобно для ежедневного обеда во время рабочего дня. Не хватает звезд с неба, но быстро, относительно вкусно и за разумные деньги. Тем более, что в этом районе нет других мест, где можно быстро пообедать в рабочий день. Для других целей заведение не подойдет в данном формате.

5. Krute Tisto

Gagarina Ave. 17, Kryvyy Rih 50086 Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +380 68 917 2017
Krute Tisto

"Krute tisto" - a fashionable varenic unusual format. The cafe serves freshly cooked dumplings of their own according to modern and authentic recipes. The small hall is decorated in a modern and stylish way: lampshades in the form of pots for dough and co

Reviewed By Viktoria N

Зашла пообедать. Очень понравилась кухня и обслуживание. Вкусно и очень недорого. Есть возможность купить полуфабрикаты. Что не может не радовать ленивых хозяек

4. Restaurant Gulyai Pole

Kirovogradskoye hwy, 15, Kryvyy Rih Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian +380 67 569 9497

Reviewed By SandroKlym

Приятный загородный мотельно-ресторанный комплекс, стилизованный в украинских традициях начала 20 века, с упором на историю народно-освободительной армии батьки Махно.Летняя терраса, деревянные беседки во дворе и традиционный зал.Вежливые официанты и отличная кухня.

3. Nepman

Mira avenue, 17-_, Kryvyy Rih Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian Dinner Table Service, Reservations +385 64 091 010
Overall Ratings

4 based on 12 reviews

Reviewed By Deigs

One of the best options in KR....nice atmosphere...cozy...local, Ukrainian cuisine. Staff was friendly but slow had to wait for service too often. Decent menu...good prices

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2. Borsch House

Vladimira Velikogo St. 14a, Kryvyy Rih 50000 Ukraine Ukrainian, Eastern European [email protected] +380 67 633 2232
Borsch House

Reviewed By AlexanderWilliams78

Excelent service , the best of any restaurant I've been in Krivoj Roh for a long time. Staff is incredible, time of your order time is amazingly fast .

Kryvyy Rih Food Guide: 10 Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Kryvyy Rih

1. Kopot i Baklazhan

Mira Ave. 24/1, Kryvyy Rih 50000 Ukraine Eastern European, European Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service, Serves Alcohol +380 97 137 3707
Overall Ratings

4 based on 71 reviews

Kopot i Baklazhan

Reviewed By Serhii_Marynychev

Good kitchen: dishes have some special taste here. Caesarean Burger - interesting salad. Few words about meat - it's unbelievable! I tasted duck, kebab and stake: before I never ate such delicious meat. Salmon with citrus sous - my favorite fish here. Sweat and sour taste would be the best if you are on diet!

Best European food near Kryvyy Rih, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine

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