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November 15, 2021 Yuk Petri

Reviews on Eastern European food in Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine including Arkan, Babai, Kolyba, Khvalena Khata, Kolyba, Panorama Verkhovel, Vodograi Karpat, Magurka, Hetman, Villa Zlata
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10. Villa Zlata

Zhabyevskaya, 21, Verkhovyna 78700 Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian [email protected] +380 98 556 6526

Reviewed By MikhayilK

Отвратительный персонал! Жил в люксе, сан техника уставшая, везде пыльные шкуры, не рабочие электро розетки. На мою просьбу утром исправить в номере розетки, вернувшись после рабочего дня поздно ночью, на вопрос почему не починили розетки от 17 ти летней Софии услышал мат и что в моем номере есть еще розетки! Больше всего возмутил ответ в нецензурной форме! НИКОМУ НЕ РЕКОМЕНДУЮ ЭТОТ ОТЕЛЬ!!!

9. Hetman

Girskolyjna St. 1, Myhove 59236 Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian [email protected] +380 95 947 1341

Reviewed By 985albertom

In visita Alla bella cittadina di Myhove in Ucraina , zona dei Carpazi ad ovest dello stato. Bella e piccola località sciistica, Abbiamo voluto fare una visita a questo locale. Purtroppo non c’erano recensioni su questo ristorante, ma abbiamo voluto ugualmente provare. Innanzitutto bellissimo il contesto interno , l’arredo completamente in legno lavorato da artigiani locali con grande maestria. Anche i vari componenti interni e la stessa struttura molto piacevoli. Camerieri gentili ma un po’ impacciati. Vino buona scelta. Si consiglia di scegliere quelli della Georgia. Menù solo in ucraino, quindi se non sei accompagnato Da qualcuno del posto sono problemi. Poi onestamente non so se parlano inglese in quanto non verificato. Abbiamo pranzato con tipicità locali devo dire ottime. Ottimo anche il prezzo finale. In Italia in 5 con 55 Euro i piatti te li fanno solo vedere in foto. Consigliato

8. Magurka

Chornovola, 2a, Verkhovyna 78700 Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian +380 67 125 3046

Reviewed By Maris Z

Tastefully decorated restaurant in traditional style. Delicious and not overpriced food. It didn't take long to get the order. Great choice for visiting Verkhovina

7. Vodograi Karpat

Zhabyevskyy Potik, 33a, Verkhovyna 78700 Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian +380 67 928 0794
Vodograi Karpat

Reviewed By Ася Б

This is a very nice little restaurant in one garden with the Museum of Hutsul Magic. There are many good dishes, but you have to wait. Bbecause they need time to cook the dish that you choose. They also have outside tables and a hotel on the second floor. I know nothing about this hotel, because I only had lunch there, while I was in the Carpathians. And five meters from this place, I saw the most beautiful little waterfalls in my life. And if you go up the road, then there will be beautiful places.I was there are at the end of previous spring and the weather was very good. But families with young children should be careful, because there are dangerous children's slides in the garden, and don't forget about the road.And don't be afraid of cows, in the Carpathians it's normal that they walking everywhere.

6. Panorama Verkhovel

Franka St. 1, Verkhovyna 78701 Ukraine European, Ukrainian, Eastern European Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Breakfast, Brunch Reservations, Parking Available, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Private Dining, Seating, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol [email protected] +380 68 479 0909
Overall Ratings

4 based on 38 reviews

Panorama Verkhovel

A unique combination of eco-food, traditional hutsul dishes and comfort will give an unforgettable experience to you, and a spacious hall with a panoramic view makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. This is a great moment, rema

Reviewed By Maris Z

Each year, while visiting the Verkhovyna, I try to visit this restaurant, which until now has been associated to me for the high standards, delicious food and friendly service. Until now ... This time, when I entered the dining room, I could already feel the lack of air and the heat. Air-Conditioners break sometime, so I decided to ignore it and cool off with a cool drink. I ordered coke. It was brought in a plastic bottle and was warm. The waitress who brought the bottle disappeared somewhere before I managed to ask for ice. At some point I managed to stop a passing waitress and ask to bring me some ice. After about 20 minutes the ice was indeed brought. In the glass, it melted as fast as an ice bucket because in the hall was suffocating heat. After a while “Banosh” was brought. It was basically not bad. Later, I was given a main course. Of course, the empty bowl of “Banosh” wasn’t removed and I had to push the empty dishes across the table, and no tableware was given for the main course also. I had to clean them with napkins otherwise I would have to eat main course with bare hands... The main course - chicken, was very tasty. After the main course, I waited for the dessert. It took about 40 minutes ... but the dessert didn't appear on my table. The heat in the restaurant did its job and I totally lost my appetite. I went to pay for the meal at the counter because no waitresses were to be seen. I paid with creditcard and got a printed receipt at the cash desk. The receipt included a dessert which I had not received. I pointed out that I hadn’t received it, to which the waitress replied that, if I’m sure that I really want it, then in theory, they could try to make it… I replied - no thanks and left. On my way out of the restaurant I noticed a woman following me who was a restaurant manager or something. Given that my evening was already ruined, I had no desire to start some sort of conversation about what happened. Moreover, the managers running after me on the bumpy city streets with her high-heeled shoes and shouting something thereby drawing people's attention, was the most deplorable and humiliating moment I have ever experienced during my visits to the Carpathians for many years…

5. Kolyba

Bukovinskaya St. 178, Myhove 59236 Ukraine Ukrainian, Eastern European Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Accepts Visa, Reservations, Buffet, Parking Available, Street Parking, Television, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Accepts Mastercard, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Delivery, Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol +380 66 887 3000
Overall Ratings

4 based on 29 reviews


Reviewed By Sovinamorda

Here in Kolyba of Karpaty Migovo resort complex you'll enjoy the excellent Ukrainian and especially Galician cuisine for an adequate price, served by glad-to-see-you staff in a nice and cozy environment.Thank you very much for bringing your thoughts and leaving your reference. We appreciate your valuable feedback as it helps us identify the areas we can improve the guest experience. It would be such a pleasure for us to personally welcome you back to our restaurant!

4. Khvalena Khata

Vagilevicha St., 5, Kolomyia 78200 Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Takeout, Seating, Parking Available, Street Parking, Television, Highchairs Available, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards +380 93 247 1223
Khvalena Khata

If you want to feel the true taste of a sincere Ukrainian feast, then the cafe "Khvalena Khata"( Honored Hut),situated in the town of Kolomyia, will gladly open its oak doors of the Ukrainian dwelling and will treat delicious dishes of traditional cuisine

Reviewed By kurylova

Довелось зайти на обед. Подали простой, вкусный,здоровый обед: украинский борщ, картофель с котлетой, салат с овощей и местный "узвар"(компот). Играет приятная спокойная музыка, девушки - официантки одеты в народные одеяния, очень красивые. Пообедали очень вкусно и сытно, как в детстве у бабушки. По цене около 65 местных денег.

3. Kolyba

Sokolivka 78650 Ukraine Eastern European, Ukrainian Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +380 67 812 9683

2. Babai

Pricelok Pyvni, Yavoriv 78644 Ukraine Ukrainian, Eastern European Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Table Service [email protected] +380 98 565 2867

Reviewed By Kyle_from_Colorado

I was really impressed with my recent visit to Babay, which came as part of an organized tour of the Carpathians. The restaurant itself is an attraction with all of its intricate and beautifully done woodwork. Our food included Ukrainian staples, which were all delicious. I really liked my mushroom and noodle soup as well as the beet salad that I had. Service was very friendly and prompt as well. Take a few minutes to just look around at the restaurant and appreciate its views of the valley when you visit. Another fun fact: "Babay" is the name of a local Bigfoot/Sasquatch-like beast that roams the Carpathians. I thought the bathroom was the best novelty on site. You just have to see it to appreciate it!I highly recommend a trip to Babay if you're in the area!

1. Arkan

Taras Shevchenko Street 91, Sheshory 78623 Ukraine Barbecue, European, Eastern European, Ukrainian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night, Drinks Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Table Service, Takeout, Private Dining, Parking Available, Street Parking, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards +380 98 130 1916
Overall Ratings

4 based on 42 reviews


The restaurant "arkan" is located in the center of the village Sheshory on a mountain ledge above the impetuous Mountain River pistynkoj, next to the silvery Waterfalls. Cozy and friendly interior of the tier Hall. On the lower level the main hall for 36

Reviewed By ThierryU

The restaurant is located on the edge of the river, and thus the view is excellent.As for the food and service, the food was very good. the only complaint I had (a general issue in these parts) is that the meat (lamb in my case) was well over-cooked, but everything else was excellent. We had a very pleasant and relatively cheap meal in what is considered one of the best restaurants in the area, and for cause.

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