Most Popular Cambodian food in Lowell, Massachusetts, United States

November 9, 2019 Claudia Navarrete

Find out what Cambodian restaurants to try in Lowell. Lowell is a city in the U.S. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Located in Middlesex County, Lowell (along with Cambridge) was a county seat until Massachusetts disbanded county government in 1999. With an estimated population of 109,945 in 2014, it is the fourth-largest city in Massachusetts, and the second-largest in the Boston metropolitan statistical area. The city is also part of a smaller Massachusetts statistical area called Greater Lowell, as well as New England's Merrimack Valley region.
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1. Simply Khmer

26 Lincoln Ln, Lowell, MA 01826-2602 Asian, Cambodian Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast Takeout, Seating, Table Service [email protected] +1 978-454-6700
Overall Ratings

4 based on 44 reviews

Simply Khmer

Reviewed By Paul S

Although we've experienced dining at several Lowell Asian restaurants it was usually something considered "safe" like Chinese or Thai. We've sampled buffets but never set out to try something totally dedicated to Khmer cuisine. We were not disappointed by the adventure. Our first waitress was most helpful, asking if we had ever experienced Cambodian food before etc. and offering to answer and questions. We started off with spring rolls. They, and the dip were wonderful. We ordered two main dishes, although one would have been enough for both of us as we also had an order or rice. Loc Lac, a beef dish, had a flavor to die for. We agreed it was our favorite of the two, The Cha Pineapple with chicken was also wonderful. We tried to stay away from the hot stuff as marked on the menu by the chile peppers but I did accidentally bit into a red hot chile and quickly needed water. That was the only thing lacking. Waitresses did not work exclusively on one table and we requested water, got our glass refilled and was somewhat shocked when our original waitress brought us a full bottle as we finished the meal. The restaurant was clean but the fact both asian music was playing on the sound system and television sets were running was somewhat distracting. The other diners, who were mostly Asian, did not seem to mind. They know the good food beats atmosphere anytime. We concur. Next time we'll ask for the bottle of water at the start of the meal.

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2. Red Rose Restaurant

716 Middlesex St Ste 1, Lowell, MA 01851-1400 Asian, Cambodian Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 978-452-5400
Overall Ratings

4 based on 14 reviews

Red Rose Restaurant

Reviewed By Kim-Marie

Red Rose Restaurant in Pailin Plaza is one of the original Cambodian restaurants that is still open for business unlike other former restaurants that opened in the early 90's including Khemara Restaurant on Westford Street and Mekong on Broadway Street. The restaurant is probably the most popular Cambodian restaurant among the older Cambodian community within Lowell as well as out of state Khmer people. Every time I meet another Cambodian person out of Lowell, Red Rose usually comes up in conversation. "The last time I went to Lowell, we ate Ka tiev at Red Rose."It was also the "Go To" restaurant for my sister and out of state relatives for a hangover meal the morning after my wedding. Coincidentally, they also bumped into our other friends from the wedding.The restaurant has undergone many renovations and expansions throughout the years. Their extensive menu is provided in a white binder with menu pictures.We arrived on a late Saturday morning and picked a booth in the main dining room. They also have an newer additional on the right with additional seating. All the young waitresses looked like they are freshly shipped from Cambodia. She asked us in perfect Khmer, if we wanted iced tea or hot tea. Jasmine tea is complimentary in most Cambodian restaurants.After glancing through the menu, we placed our order with the young immigrant and waited for our food. The clientele was mostly older Asian families compared to the younger clientele that Simply Khmer attracts.We ordered a couple of apps and 2 noodle dishes to share. One thing to remember is that most Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurants do not abide by the appetizer/entree order. They will bring out whatever is ready first. Many times, we received our appetizers after our meals. In this case, both our appetizers and noodles were brought out the same time.The fried egg rolls was served with the sweet fish sauce. I would have preferred the sweet chili oil. It lacked filling and was mostly the wrapper.The fresh spring rolls were totally stuffed and thick. Many people skimp out on all the fresh herbs and ingredients but there was plenty of pork and spearmint in every bite.I still cannot fathom restaurants that call themselves Cambodian and cannot make a good plate of Mee Ka Thung. Our dish lacked flavor and was served on the colder side as if it was the first thing that was made on our order. The dish is available in 2 sizes "Small" for $ 8.00 or "large" for $ 10.00. I'm glad we went with the small because it was not great.We also shared a lort cha special. That was the best dish on our meal. The eggs were crispy and the thick noodles had flavor. The spicy fish sauce topped it off well.As expected, the bill was pretty cheap. For two apps and 2 entrees and tax, the total was $ 24.25.

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3. PeephupTmei Restaurant

278 Branch St, Lowell, MA 01851-1840 Cambodian, Asian, Vietnamese Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast Reservations, Accepts Visa, Takeout, Seating, Parking Available, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Television, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts American Express, Accepts Mastercard, Free Wifi, Accepts Discover, Accepts Credit Cards [email protected] +1 978-937-2919
PeephupTmei Restaurant

We are a family owned Cambodian restaurant in the city of Lowell, that offers warm and welcoming food for the locals and for people looking to try new food.

Reviewed By luv2winedine

I love their spicy sautéed frog legs and spicy sour beef, tripe and whatever else goes in there with Chinese water grass and Thai eggplant soup. I would have this with white rice. They are one of my favorites. The frog legs are good chunks of meat sautéed with lemongrass and other herbs with bell peppers and onions. The soup is aromatic with a slight of spiciness and sourness. The only two things I eat from here, but if you're not brave enough...order beef lok lac with white or fried rice. This is a popular is marinade beef cubes sit on top of iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers. It comes with a sauce... salt with black pepper and vinegar to dip in. It is a very casual need to dress up.

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