Most Popular Cafe food in Maluku Islands, Indonesia

February 20, 2020 Diedre Savory

Find out what Cafe restaurants to try in Maluku Islands including Nutmeg Cafe, Biz Cafe Ambon, Fatimah Coffee Corner, Blue Shelter, Golden Cafe & Bistro, Ceria Cafe
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6. Ceria Cafe

Gamalama Jln. Nukila, Ternate 97721 Indonesia Cafe, Asian, Indonesian +62 921 3121301

5. Golden Cafe & Bistro

Jl. Wr. Supratman No.27 Uritetu, Sirimau, Ambon 97123 Indonesia Cafe +62 813-3274-6847

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4. Blue Shelter

Jalan Ir. M. Putuhena Poka, Ambon 97234 Indonesia Cafe [email protected] +62 911 3869691
Blue Shelter

We are coffee shop in garage in ambon city.

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3. Fatimah Coffee Corner

Jl. Karet Putih Indonesia Cafe +62 813-4350-9868

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2. Biz Cafe Ambon

Jl. Said Perintah 37 [email protected] Hotel Ambon, Ambon 97125 Indonesia Cafe +62 911 3821808
Biz Cafe Ambon

Reviewed By mrciano

The food is ok.But the service is terrible!Ordered a coca cola, she never came back. After we asked the waitress where our drinks are she told us it’s sold out...Some would say it’s the way they work here. But no this is different.

Top 10 Indonesian food in Maluku Islands, Indonesia

1. Nutmeg Cafe

Beside Fort Belgica, Banda Neira Indonesia Asian, Indonesian, Cafe Breakfast, Lunch +62 812-9605-5698
Overall Ratings

3 based on 25 reviews

Nutmeg Cafe

Reviewed By NamShanMan

Fab little cafe/bar in Banda Neira town. Friendly service and perfect spot for people watching,whilst enjoying a cold beer or coffee.

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