Most Popular Asian food in Gonohe-machi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

July 2, 2021 Cedrick Jardin

Discover Restaurants offering the best Asian food in Gonohe-machi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan including Ramen Triple, Ramen Daikokudo, Ippukuya, Ebisuya, Ramen-Tei Tonkichi Gonohe, Shugetsu

6. Shugetsu

17-1 Bakuromachi, Gonohe-machi, Sannohe-gun 039-1558 Aomori Prefecture Asian +81 178-62-2644

5. Ramen-Tei Tonkichi Gonohe

8-22 Nakamichi Aza, Gonohe-machi, Sannohe-gun 039-1542 Aomori Prefecture Asian +81 178-62-7676

Most Popular Japanese food in Gonohe-machi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

4. Ebisuya

18-1 Aza Kanegasawa Shimotai Oaza Herai, Shingo-mura, Sannohe-gun 039-1801 Aomori Prefecture Asian +81 178-78-2040

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3. Ippukuya

29-8 Oaza Naganawashiro Aza Kami Ikarita, Hachinohe 039-1103 Aomori Prefecture Asian +81 178-79-3685

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Went there on a Thursday night but called ahead to make sure all 7 of us would fit. The owners reserved us two tables and welcomed us graciously. The food was excellent and it felt like a home meal. It is run by an elderly couple and they were very attentive. I highly recommend this place as it was not expensive and everything we ate was wonderful.

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2. Ramen Daikokudo

63-36 Orimo Aza Hatagari Shita, Rokunohe-machi, Kamikita-gun 039-2372 Aomori Prefecture Asian +81 176-55-5377
Ramen Daikokudo

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1. Ramen Triple

55-1 Aza Ushiroda Oaza Inuotose, Rokunohe-machi, Kamikita-gun 039-2371 Aomori Prefecture Asian +81 176-55-5534
Ramen Triple

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