Most Popular American food in Palanga, Klaipeda County, Lithuania

October 5, 2019 Mikaela Didonna

Find out what American restaurants to try in Palanga. Palanga ( pronunciation (help·info)) is a seaside resort town in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania and has beaches of sand (18 km long and up to 300 m wide) and sand dunes. Officially Palanga has the status of a city municipality and includes Šventoji, Nemirseta, Būtingė and other settlements, which are considered as part of the city of Palanga.
Things to do in Palanga

8. Oh my Dog! ZvejU

ZvejU g., Palanga Lithuania American, Fast Food, European, Danish +370 696 13620

Most Popular Seafood food in Palanga, Klaipeda County, Lithuania

7. Sun & Moon beach bar

Meiles Aleja 2a, Palanga 00135 Lithuania American, European [email protected] +370 653 97969
Sun & Moon beach bar

We are beach club in Palanga, working all day all night. Find us on the left side from the Palanga pear.

Reviewed By Stanky217

We saw this place on the beach so we head there for a beer.After waiting for over 15 minutes we decided to go in and ask whats the story here.They dont do table service,but price of beer is 4.5€ !!! and you get it in plastic cup.While we were sitting and enjoying sunny day there was that one man wearing G4S(security company) and constantly looking at people tables and telling them to buy more or leave if they finished drinks.One couple told him to go somewhere.Then he was standing on the top terrace and telling worker to go to the tables.We couldnt stand that that someone is always looking in to my 4.5€ plastic cup with beer so we left.I hope that the owner gets rid of that man and hires waitress for table service.

Top 5 Italian food in Palanga, Klaipeda County, Lithuania

6. All Aces Restaurant

Mokyklos g. 62 Resort Hotel Elija, Palanga 00303 Lithuania American, European [email protected] +370 612 20602
All Aces Restaurant

On the first floor of the hotel you will be welcomed by the bikers-themed and American style inspired “All Aces“ Restaurant which gives its guests exclusive attention and top-quality service. In the restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, a buffe

Reviewed By 669darius_

Bikers paradise. Service great. There are great selection of burgers, various snacks and drinks. There are also some selection of main dishes. We tried ducks breast. And it was really good. Big and juicy. See in the pictures. Worth visiting even if it is in the middle of nowhere

Top 10 International food in Palanga, Klaipeda County, Lithuania

5. Farfalle Pasta And Pizza

Vytauto g. 1 142, Palanga 00153 Lithuania American, Bar, Pizza, Barbecue, European, Pub +370 610 61323
Farfalle Pasta And Pizza

Reviewed By Thor S

Me and my 2 kids went here to eat because it was close to the hotel. When we went in we had the table by the window. My children had to go to the bathroom so we told the guy that was our waiter that we would wait with the ordering until they had gone to the bathroom. The toilet were 10 meters away from the table. While I was waiting outside the toilet a woman came into the restaurant and went towards our table. She was talking with him and then sat down. I immediately went there and said that it was our table as he knew. Out menus was even there and we were 10 meters away. He said that since we had left the table before we ordered it was her table now. He was very rude. We went to another table further away. My children shared one pizza and I asked for an extra plate for my youngest. He never came with it so after 7-8 minutes I had to go to the front of the restaurant to ask for it again. He showed really much that he didn’t like us being there during our visit. It’s the worst visit to a restaurant I ever had. Stay away from this place!

Most Popular European food in Palanga, Klaipeda County, Lithuania

4. Keturi Pipirai

J. Janonio g. 1, Palanga 00133 Lithuania American [email protected] +370 604 44989

Reviewed By Lina G

We found this gastro bar by accident - it is a quiet place, and parking was very close (this is important in Palanga). We checked menu and was surprised to find something different than cepelinai. They say it is Italian - Spanish. I tried rissoto (very good) one night, and pasta the other night (yes, we came back), and my husband liked crispy chicken very much.

Klaipeda County, Lithuania Food Guide: 10 Central European food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Palanga

3. Vaidilute

Meiles al. 38, Palanga 00218 Lithuania American, European, Italian, Mexican, Pizza Table Service [email protected] +370 601 17471

New and improved, fully renovated music club/restaurant Vaidilute is open again for business. Live music, great food, big drink selection and good atmosphere are all part of a fantastic vibe at Vaidilute. Located right on the coast of the Baltic sea in Pa

Reviewed By godat303

They only have picas and burgers. We tried pica. It was baked on a pre-made pica dough and tasted very dry. Chef already knows that so they serve it with ketchup and garlic sauce! (?!?!).Alcoholic beverages were terrible. It seems as they are supplied by the same company that paid for their terrace. They have nothing special. Only the packaging is appealing.We are sorry to tell you this, but your review is a complete lie. We definitely have a larger selection of food, besides burgers and pizzas, that includes various salads, ribs, grilled chicken dishes and a lot more. Plus a large selection of appetizers and desserts. As for the alcoholic beverages, we have a very large selection of wines, beers and more. You have a choice to make when ordering the drinks, so what you order is entirely up to you. As for our pizza, we have never had a complaint that it is dry so it is a little shocking to us that you are writing this. Either way, thanks for visiting us and we sure hope that you come back to our restaurant again, and open up our menu, where you will see that we have a lore more to offer besides burgers and pizza, as well as a big selection of alcoholic beverages

Klaipeda County, Lithuania Food Guide: 3 Grill food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Palanga

2. Kala-Kuoka

J. Basanaviciaus g. 35, Palanga 00135 Lithuania American Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +370 670 38513

Roasted turkey legs with nachos and a cold drink. Delicious!

Reviewed By Agne J

If you want to eat quick and have tasty food and not fat, this place is a very good choice. Fast food but high quality,not fat and not too much oil. Recomend for families,friends and everyone;) prices are accesible.

Where to eat Cafe food in Palanga: The Best Restaurants and Bars

1. Joint'as

15 Osupio Takas, Palanga 00324 Lithuania American, Fast Food, European Lunch, Dinner +370 684 94160

The Joint team is working full time to create a new spot for everyone: loving the sea, wind, having fun rhythms of music or just looking for the best!

Reviewed By vytautasv2017

I would say that this is a best place to have a burger in area. Palanga has Apetit and Monciskes (Sventoji) has Joint'as! Though it's not so easy to find from the pedestrian/bicycle road because of the trees, but search the place with windsufing boards. 3 youngsters working all summer 7 days a week for this and it's worth a shoot ;)P.s. don't ask for joints- you will get a smile, but won't be the first one with this idea

Where to eat Eastern European food in Palanga: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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