Hubei, China Food Guide: 4 Asian food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Zigui County

May 9, 2021 Velvet Champine

Find out what Asian restaurants to try in Zigui County including Weng Restaurant, Ju Sushi, Han She, Jin Han Gong
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1. Weng Restaurant

NanJin Guan San You Dong Bridge, Yichang China Chinese, Asian Dinner, Lunch, Brunch Reservations, Seating, Outdoor Seating, Table Service +86 717 886 2179
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Weng Restaurant

Reviewed By elissejo

This restaurant is actually called the Fang Weng Hanging Restaurant, and it is well known. We dined here before our Yangtze River Cruise (which leaves from Yichang), asking the car service guide we had arranged to take us there before the cruise. We got there at 4pm and had an early and romantic dinner (and the restaurant to ourselves in the beginning) at a table by one of the huge glass windows looking out over the river and magnificent view, & watching all the fun people were having ziplining, bungee jumping, taking trams across the river and boats on it, etc.! (if we do get back we will definitely spend at least a day and a night here so we can zipline, take a boat on the river, and do the other fun things!) The outdoor patio was lovely, but too cold when we were there (early March) for us to eat out there, but we did bring our hot tea out there to enjoy the view. As we had to leave at 5:30pm, we weren't there to see all the lights go on, which I assume they do promptly at 6pm as they seem to do all over China (LOL), but it was pretty wonderful all the same! The restaurant is truly built into a cave in the side of the mountain, and hangs out over the mountain! We had their specialty, the local Yangtze River Fish (which are live in tanks, and served by weight- we ordered 1/2 kilo, just enough for 2 people); it was served cooked bone-in in a broth, and was mild and delicate. We also had the local greens (they have a big picture menu, and our guide kindly translated for us), which were new to us and delicious, and some tasty herb pancakes- too many to finish! Given that it's a truly unique restaurant we did not find it expensive- the total, inc. tea and 2 soft drinks was about $40, the service was very nice and no one hurried us. If you are going to Yichang I'd consider this a "must-eat-at" restaurant!

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2. Ju Sushi

XiLing District Yi Ling Avenue 58-8 cbd4 Floor, Yichang China Asian +86 717 637 8787

Reviewed By A TripAdvisor China Member


3. Han She

XiLing District DongShan Avenue 106, GuoMao Mansion 7 Floor, Yichang China Asian, Korean +86 717 644 8177

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4. Jin Han Gong

Yi Ling DaDao cbd3 Lou, Yichang China Asian, Korean

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