Dalarna County, Sweden Food Guide: 3 Thai food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Avesta

September 1, 2019 Brandee Mangan

Best Thai restaurants nearby. Discover the best Thai food in Avesta. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Thai restaurants near you. including Ming Thai, Sabai Sabai Thai Restaurang, Mai Thai

1. Ming Thai

2E Kungsgatan, Avesta 774 30 Sweden Chinese, Thai Lunch, Dinner +46 226 525 25 http://www.mingthai.se/

Reviewed By Phayao13

Back a few decades and almost all Chinese restaurants in Sweden offered this menu minus the elements of Thai dishes.Somewhere along the way chinese food became overtaken of Thai, Indian....but the journey along memory lane give some comfort feelings. You know what you get for your money.Ming Thai is located in Alvar Aalto's beautiful building Blå Huset.Not to be confused with the Mai Thai 100 meters down the street.

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2. Sabai Sabai Thai Restaurang

5 Kungsgatan, Avesta 774 30 Sweden Thai +46 226 522 61 https://www.facebook.com/Sabaisabaithairestaurang

Reviewed By Phayao13

Despite its stated ambitions to serve something that stands out among all the Thai restaurants remains the question mark after the visit.Somewhere there was the hope that competition would drive development, and that chance to eat a little more authentic thai food.Prices seem to be crucial and that makes it difficult to offer better ingredisenser.

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3. Mai Thai

5 Kungsgatan, Avesta 774 30 Sweden Thai +46 226 522 61 http://maithairestaurang.wordpress.com/

Reviewed By Phayao13

But certainly you could wish the customers had the opportunity to sample the authentic Thai cuisine with its whole span.Here you will find the ingredients that I have never had on location in Thailand. It offers large portions plentiful with sympathetic pricing but it's not quite enough to be completely enthusiastic.The Thai name must be translated phonetically, for all the restaurants have their own interpretations.

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