Czech Republic Food Guide: 10 European food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Doksy

April 27, 2022 Diedre Savory

Reviews on European food in Doksy, Czech Republic including S laskou Karel, Port Cafe & Restaurant, Restaurace Koci Doksy, Restaurace 4tuna, Sklipek, Hotel Lazensky Vrch, U Lipy Restaurace, Restaurant Pod Habsteinem, Restaurace Pod Lipami, Hostinec Na Rychte
Things to do in Doksy

10. Hostinec Na Rychte

Jestrebi 13, Rajec-Jestrebi 471 61 Czech Republic European, Czech Reservations
Hostinec Na Rychte

Great Czech food in a "farm" mileu, with a courtyard with seating. Great for stopping there on the way north....

Reviewed By Lillarm

We are a family group where some members did not speak Czech. Although the English translation of the menu must have been generated by a computer resulting in such gems as "deer on foal" or "steak scented by fox" the food here is exceptional. Especially the game. They have elk (not deer, I checked in Czech) and wild boar in several versions, all excellent. The fillet mignon steak is also excellent. Try to avoid the corn on the cob, but that is true of all European corn; that has little to do with the restaurant. We also enjoyed the building itself. It is a gorgeously kept classical Czech "chalupa" - a house made of massive exposed wooden beams with white washed filling between them in the second floor and whitewashed stone first floor. They also have a small play room inside and a playground outside for their youngest guests. Limited parking.

9. Restaurace Pod Lipami

Bezdez 46, Bezdez 472 01 Czech Republic European, Grill, Czech [email protected] +420 604 215 819

Reviewed By Jane K

We had lunch on the terrace of this restaurant looking up at the Bezdez castle. Their speciality is grills but the soup was also good, as was the beer. After it we decided against the steep climb up to the castle and just sat enjoying the garden and the peace.

8. Restaurant Pod Habsteinem

Jestrebi 14, Jestrebi 471 61 Czech Republic International, Czech, Central European, European Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service [email protected] +420 487 722 373
Overall Ratings

4 based on 68 reviews

Restaurant Pod Habsteinem

Reviewed By Berni B

From interior, service to food just best marks perfect. If you are in the area go for it otherwise you regret to miss this place

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7. U Lipy Restaurace

Dalibora z Myshlina 35, Stare Splavy 471 63 Czech Republic Italian, European, Czech, Hungarian
U Lipy Restaurace

Reviewed By 971radekt

If you gonna come in the summer you gonna get nice service, good food a good beer but out of the summer the quality of service and food is lower

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6. Hotel Lazensky Vrch

Lazensky Vrch 128, Stare Splavy 47163 Czech Republic European, Czech [email protected] +420 777 095 993
Hotel Lazensky Vrch

Reviewed By USinEU

This is a hotel, but they have a really nice outside terrace for eating. The menu is nothing special, service is simple, portions are very nice, price is more than fine. Went with my family and because the they have a nice big grass yard next to the terrace it was perfect for the kids to run around. If you want a safe and simple meal on budget, this is a good place to stop by.

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5. Sklipek

dalibora z Myslina 11, Stare Splavy Czech Republic German, European, Soups, Czech, Central European Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service, Wheelchair Accessible +420 607 264 282
Overall Ratings

3 based on 49 reviews


Reviewed By rockape40

Only had a drink during visit, but did look at menu and saw food being taken to customers, it looked very good and reasonably cheap, I am staying in the area so I will be eating hear soon, I am not sure if there will be more to the place in the summer, it is a stone built building, traditional to old Czech style, very thick walls, enough light and quite cozy as restaurants go, staff were helpful and polite, thank you

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4. Restaurace 4tuna

Machova 416, Doksy 47201 Czech Republic European, Czech

Reviewed By minule

Měli jsme sem naplánovanou trasu na oběd při pěším výletu. Přišli jsme sem v době oběda, bylo tam celkem dost lidí. Po usazení si nás vůbec nikdo nevšímal, ani se nikdo nepřišel zeptat, jestli si dáme třeba něco k pití...Po nějaké době (cca 15 minut ignorace, přestože servírka chodila kolem nás), jsme se sebrali a odešli.

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3. Restaurace Koci Doksy

Ke Klucku 993, Doksy 47201 Czech Republic European, Czech Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service [email protected] +420 732 543 433
Overall Ratings

3 based on 21 reviews

Restaurace Koci Doksy

Reviewed By roels458

Food was actually pretty good (grilled trout with grilled veggies), but the kitchen seems understaffed as we waited for more than 1 hour (not an exaggeration) for our food. The place had a couple of larger groups to take care of, and that seemed to make the service fall apart.

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2. Port Cafe & Restaurant

Valdstejnska 530, Doksy 472 01 Czech Republic International, European, Czech [email protected] +420 487 809 726
Port Cafe & Restaurant

Reviewed By Tereza B

We had great time, as we stayed in the hotel Port! Food was always delicious, waiters nice and the view is really perfect!

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1. S laskou Karel

BezdEz 97, Doksy Czech Republic American, European, Greek, Pub, Czech, Central European Lunch Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service [email protected] +420 607 726 755
Overall Ratings

4 based on 39 reviews

S laskou Karel

Reviewed By 930conorm

Stopped here after visiting the beautiful castle above. What a treat, the food was fantastic with little extras to improve the simplest of things, they’re orange mayo for example. The crepe was a perfect desert for two to share, and very hospitable staff. Děkuji moc krát.

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