Camaguey Province, Caribbean Food Guide: 4 Spanish food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Camaguey

September 3, 2019 Florencio Paulino

Discover Restaurants offering the best Spanish food in Camaguey, Camaguey Province, Caribbean including Restaurante Eleazar, Restaurante Paladar El Retorno, La Bigornia, Restaurante Lucky de Ferra's Club
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1. Restaurante Eleazar

Avellaneda No.361 E, Camaguey Cuba International, Spanish Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service [email protected] +53 32 241004
Restaurante Eleazar

Reviewed By jorgefG7930CG

Amazing place from far the best place to eat, drink and sleep in Camaguey. Love it super clean and the location is perfect walking distance to the best attractions in the city.

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2. Restaurante Paladar El Retorno

Bellavista #115, Camaguey Cuba Caribbean, Spanish, Cuban Dinner Reservations

Reviewed By larryyasner

Santiago, the owner is back after cooking in Spain for 7 years. This is a little off the beaten track,in La Vigia, 2 block north of the main railroad line. It's got a new sign boardlighted so you cant miss it. The restaurant is on the second floor of a town house. The menu is not large but creative. For example I had rabbit in a garlic sauce one visit. Yes, it's typical Cuban fare but with a nice creative touch depending on what supplies Santiago can buy that day. Good professional service. They are open Wednesday thru Sunday from 6:30pm-10:30pm, no reservations at this time. This is the best value in Camaguey!!!!

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3. La Bigornia

Calle Republica # 394, Camaguey Cuba Cuban, Caribbean, Latin, Spanish Takeout +53 32 284784
Overall Ratings

3 based on 21 reviews

La Bigornia

Reviewed By Roberto C

La Bigornia is named after a shoe-sole shaped anvil where ye olde shoemakers attached the sole to the upper shoe, it was the only object found buried in the site when it was demolished and rebuilt into this very open, very attractive bar. It's right on the República Street pedestrian mall, two blocks from the Hotel Colón. It features live, tourist oriented, traditional style music (Buena Vista Social Club) but in the off season and late at night they have jazz for a devoted local audience. Don't expect nothing fancy, it's a full bar with an iffy kitchen, some snacks like plantain fritters can be had...But don't go there for the food, it's the ambiance and the music which are magnificent, people are relaxed and easy to talk to, many speak English and there was a table of retired, Canadian ex-pats residing in Camagüey. Check it out

Camaguey Province, Caribbean Food Guide: 10 International food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Camaguey

4. Restaurante Lucky de Ferra's Club

Calle Maceo #55, Camaguey Cuba Caribbean, Latin, Cuban, Spanish Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service [email protected] +53 5 2708779
Overall Ratings

3 based on 13 reviews

Restaurante Lucky de Ferra's Club

Reviewed By Roberto C

The entrance is from the Maceo pedestrian mall, there is a uniformed doorman with a menu who will lead you 2 flights of stairs into a windowless box, well appointed, heavy dark drapes covering the front windows with a couple of large, attractive abstract paintings and 10 or so tables. I went with my Godson Romelio Paéz, a sculptor with his studio-gallery only a block away. We had been there year before last and I had given them a bad review here. The place was nearly empty, we chose a table away from the bathroom or kitchen, not the one the waitress wanted to place us in, ordered beers, then prawns for me and pork for Romelio, side dishes were separate and in tiny portions, the service slow even as the place was empty. My prawns were smallish and too few, his pork was lukewarm inside. When I asked for the hot-sauce, she brought a bottle out of the kitchen with the inside end of the whole neck encrusted with old product. I reached for a paper napkin from the next (empty) table and the waitress tore it out of my hand reprimanding me for it, so I showed her the dirty bottle, she shrugged, took it away and returned it clean, but alas I looked inside and the crust had simply been washed down into the bottle which, she said did not contain the original product...I didn't touch it. The bill came to 28 CUC ($28.00 US) So pricey for Cuba, smallish portions, microwaved food, impolite waitress, slow service and the ambiance of a funeral parlour, avoid this place like the plague

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